The Faces of Gujarat

Friendly faces and smiles light up a trip to the Gujarati Hill Station of Saputara
A masked performer at the Satpura Monsoon Festival
A masked performer at the Satpura Monsoon Festival
"Arrey Siiir. Bhaiiiya, listen", a 7-year old pleaded as I photographed the Gira Waterfalls in all its glory. Assuming that the little one wanted to sell me one of his colouring books, I turned him away informing him that my wallet was in the rusts. 
"Arrey, I don't want you to buy the book", he said grabbing my attention. "Can you take my photo"
Rather surprised by his unusual demand, I booted up my camera and clicked a rather slick looking portrait of the small one. He approved of my photo, claiming he looked like Salman Khan from Dabang
Having complied with the boy's wishes, I strolled towards a horde of people. A monkey sitting a short distance away had been garnering major eyeballs. In my attempt to push to the front, I was reminded of the horrors of the Mumbai Locals and resigned to clicking him from afar. 
"Bhaiiya, Bhaiiya", I heard as I flipped through the pictures I had clicked of the monkey. 
"Take another picture of me", the same boy from earlier requested as a group of 6-8 other kids stood behind him. "But, this time with my brother".
And like the earlier time, I agreed clicking a picture of him and his brother. "Wait for a minute," he told me as I waited impatiently to get on the bus and continue my adventure through Satpura, "Now, a picture with my best friend".
Having realised where this was heading, I scampered to the bus. This series is of my visit to Saputura and the faces that give Gujarat its rich culture and heritage. 

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