Heritage At Risk The 2020 World Monuments Watch

Around the world, these are the 25 endangered landmarks that need local initiatives and robust conservation
The moai of Easter Island, one of 25 endangered sites
The moai of Easter Island, one of 25 endangered sites

The World Monuments Fund calls for the international community to point their lens at several sites in need of conservation and attention every year. These range from modern structures to Unesco World Heritage Sites to complexes and communities that are unknown but hold centuries worth of information. All locations are critical sources of tangible and intangible heritage, and are most at-risk despite local efforts at restoration. A brief look at the 25 sites on the 2020 Monuments Watch List

Bears Ears National Monument (USA)

Central Aguirre Historic District (Puerto Rico)

Anarkali Bazaar (Pakistan)

Notre-Dame (France)

Chivas and Chaityas of Kathamandu Valley (Nepal)

Ontario Place (Canada)

Rapa Nui (Easter Island) - Orongo (Chile)

Koutammakou Landscape (Benin and Togo)

Traditional Houses of Old Jewish Mahalla in Bukhara (Uzbekistan)

Choijin Lama Temple (Mongolia)

Alexan Palace (Egypt)

Canal Nacional (Mexico)

Inari-yu Bathhouse (Japan)

Traditional Burmese Teak Farmhouse (Myanmar)

Sacred Valley of the Incas (Peru)

Historic Water Systems of the Deccan Plateau (India)

Bennerley Viaduct (UK)

Mam Rashan Shrine (Iraq)

Courtyard Houses of&nbspAxerquia (Spain)

San Antonio Woolworth Building (USA)

Kindler Chapel (Poland)

Tusheti National Park (Georgia)

Sardar Vallabhai Patel Museum (India)

Gingerbread Neighborhood (Haiti)

Iwamatsu District (Japan)

The WMF publishes an e-magazine highlighting all its Monuments Watch sites every year. You can read the 2020 edition here

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