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From white-water rafting to ziplining, adventures abound on the banks of the Bornadi river at Bogamati
Its not just about the thrill of rafting. The descent along the Bornadi river offers spectacular views on both sides with a perfect backdrop of blue hills. Photo credit  Surajit Sharma.jpg
Its not just about the thrill of rafting. The descent along the Bornadi river offers spectacular views on both sides with a perfect backdrop of blue hills. Photo credit Surajit Sharma.jpg

For the traveller who loves to go off the beaten path, Bogamati, in the Tamulpur district of the Bodoland Territorial Region, is the perfect spot for both solitude and adventure. 

Bogamati, meaning &lsquowhite sand&rsquo in Assamese, is so called because of the vast deposit of white sediment on the banks of the river Bornadi that gushes through this lush green landscape. Descending from the highlands of the Indo-Bhutan border, the Bornadi river cuts through Bogamati on its way to meet the Brahmaputra. The cool crystal clear water from the Himalayan range and the myriad colourful pebbles makes the riverbank the ultimate destination for solace. Surrounded by blue-green hills, the vast expanse of grassland alongside the river is the perfect picnic spot to rejuvenate one&rsquos soul.

Bogamati&rsquos potential for a tourist destination has attracted local adventure enthusiasts to set up adventure sports for visitors to explore the land and the river in different ways.

 The Green Trek and Adventure Group, headed by mountaineer Julima Deka, offers white water rafting, zip lining, and hiking. White water rafting on the picturesque Bornadi river is an exhilarating experience. A 7.5 km ride with Grade 3 rapids that are neither too rough nor too gentle, this hour-long experience with picturesque blue hills in the backdrop is sure to get hearts racing. This adventure is best experienced from September to February. The group also offers ziplining over the river at an easy length of 350m, suitable for first timers. For those wanting to enjoy the wilderness at a leisurely pace, a casual cycling tour with rented bikes makes for a perfect day. A hiking trail that leads right up to a 25 feet Buddha statue is another way to explore the striking natural landscape of Bogamati. September to March is the best time for hiking and trekking in this area. 

The perfect way to end the day&rsquos activities is by a bonfire at the riverside campsite organised by Julima&rsquos company. Camping at Bogamati is suitable for seasoned campers seeking an adventure in the wild. While basic facilities are available with delicious local cuisine for dinner and breakfast, it is recommended to carry all camping essentials when spending a night at the Bornadi riverside. Night-time is spectacular here. A sky full of stars, with the song of the flowing waters, the hush of the forest and crackling of wood-fire ensures an unforgettable adventure.

Another reason to visit Bogamati is the easy access to Bornadi Wildlife sanctuary close by. Established in 1980, this sanctuary is home to the rare hispid hare and the world&rsquos rarest smallest wild pig &ndash the Pygmy hog (Porcula salvania). One can also spot the golden langur, clouded leopard and hoolock gibbon. Being close to the river, this sanctuary is a bird watcher&rsquos paradise with a multitude of birds like peafowl, hornbill, swamp partridge, Bengal Florican, kingfisher, and woodpecker. The sanctuary plays host to a large number of migratory birds in the winter season, the best time to visit. 

Visitors can avail the accommodation facilities provided in the &lsquoCircuit House&rsquo at Darrang and Udalguri regions near the sanctuary. 

How to reach

Bogamati is about 91 km away from Guwahati. The nearest airport is the Lokapriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport. From there it takes about 2 hours and 30 minutes to reach by road. The nearest railway station to Bogamati is Khoirabari, about 35.2 km away. The other option is to get down at the Rangia Railway Station and enjoy the scenic drive via cab to Bogamati. Public transportation is available from Tamulpur but again rentals are recommended over public transportation.

Adventure sports  

White water rafting 1200 - 1500 INR per person 

Zip lining 300 INR per person 

Camping 1650 INR per person per night (includes dinner and breakfast) 

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