The Mahamaya temple in Kokrajhar is regarded as one of the greatest Shakti peethas of this region
The Mahamaya temple in Kokrajhar is regarded as one of the greatest Shakti peethas of this region Surajit Sharma

Sacred Spaces Of Bodoland

Mahamaya Temple and Snaan ghat temple are important landmarks to understand the religious heritage of the Bodo region
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The ancient Mahamaya temple or dham situated in Kokrajhar district of Bodoland Territorial Region is a sacred place for Hindus. An important landmark for those curious about the religious heritage of the Bodo region, the Mahamaya temple is located at Bogribari, about 24 kms from Kokrajhar town.

Mahamaya temple
Mahamaya templeSurajit Sharma

Considered as one of the greatest shakti peethas of Assam, Mahamaya temple attracts a large number of pilgrims and tourists every year. Its tradition of animal sacrifice during Durga Puja is over 400 years old. The history of the temple dates back to the years when locals of Parvatjowar like the Kacharis, Koches and Naths worshipped the famous goddess Mahamaya. She was also the main deity of the zamindars or landlords of Parvatjowar. Later, the goddess received wide acceptance among the Hindus of the state.

Steps leading up to the temple
Steps leading up to the templeSurajit Sharma

Apart from Durga Puja, the Sat Bisoma Mela is another occasion when a huge number of pilgrims and tourists visit Mahamaya temple. Observed every year during the month of April, the mela starts from the sankranti of the Chaitra month and finishes on the 6th of Bohag.

The road to Snaan ghat
The road to Snaan ghatSurajit Sharma

Another important place of worship connected to Mahamaya is the Snaan ghat temple, which is just two km away from Mahamaya. This temple is situated on a beautiful hillock on the bank of Tipkai river, a tributary of the Brahmaputra.

Snaan Ghat temple
Snaan Ghat templeSurajit Sharma

Snaan ghat literally means the bank of a river used for bathing. It is believed that Goddess Mahamaya used to bathe at the river bank near this temple. Visitors can use the stairs from the main Snaan ghat temple to the river bank, and take a holy bath.

The complex has 14 temples
The complex has 14 templesSurajit Sharma

Built in 1993, the Snaan ghat temple complex has beautiful architecture with 14 temples dedicated to different gods and goddesses. Those visiting in the month of January, can witness the annual Shakti Yagya, performed by the temple priests at Snaan ghat.

Religious idols adorn the premises
Religious idols adorn the premisesSurajit Sharma

Another interesting feature of the Snaan ghat temple is that it houses a Bathou temple inside its premises. Bodo people, who follow Bathouism, often visit this temple to offer prayers.

The ghat were people can take bath
The ghat were people can take bathSurajit Sharma

Getting There: Mahamaya temple is well connected by road and train from Guwahati. The nearest town from the temple is Kokrajhar. It takes four and half hours to reach Kokrajhar from Guwahati airport by road and three and half hours by train from Guwahati Railway Station. From Kokrajhar town it takes another 45 minutes by road to reach the temple.

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