Fan Of Shakespeare Here Are Five Iconic Spots You Must Visit

Most of the locales that Shakespeare visited or served as a setting for his sonnets have turned into iconic places that many admirers from all over the world visit
The Kronborg Castle, Denmark. Photo Credit
The Kronborg Castle, Denmark. Photo Credit

We&rsquove all been a part of Shakespeare&rsquos many worlds through imagination, be it Romeo and Juliet&rsquos romantic Verona or Hamlet&rsquos striking Elsinore Castle in Denmark. But did you know you could visit these places in real life and not just with the turn of a page 

While most of his work is set in the 14th century, Shakespeare found himself to be significantly inspired by the world&rsquos beauty. Fortunately, most of the locales that served as a setting for his sonnets or phases from his own life have turned into iconic spots that many admirers from all over the world visit. Even if you can&rsquot, you&rsquore not missing out. Most of these places also offer virtual tours, allowing you to see the sights and surroundings that inspired and enchanted the bard to gift the world literary masterpieces. 

Stratford-upon-Avon, England

Also known as just Stratford, this mediaeval in England is where Shakespeare was born in April 1564. More specifically, it was in this half-timbered house, located at Henley Street, where he took his first steps.  

Juliet&rsquos Balcony, Verona 

The &ldquofair city,&rdquo in his most iconic work, &ldquoRomeo and Juliet,&rdquo was set in the mediaeval town of Verona. Belonging to the 1200s, Juliet&rsquos house, also known as Stella del Cappello, is this town&rsquos most famous attraction. 

Kronborg Castle, Denmark

Although in &ldquoHamlet,&rdquo Elsinore Castle finds a mention, in real life, this 16th-century Renaissance castle located in Helsing&oslashr is considered the setting. Interestingly, &ldquoElsinore&rdquo is believed to have been derived from the anglicised version of Helsing&oslashr. 

Shakespeare&rsquos Globe Theatre, Southwark 

Originally built in 1599, this Elizabethan theatre was where Shakespeare staged his place. Currently, the venue hosts regular lectures and exhibits on Shakespeare in addition to staging his plays. 

The George Inn, Southwark 

This 16th-century inn used to be a public house known to be frequented by Shakespeare and Charles Dickens. The 300-year-old building houses stunning oak-beam dining rooms, intricate latticed windows and long galleries.

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