10 Indian Cityscapes You Need To Cherish Atleast Once

India is a home to myriad cultures, all under the same sky. Here's that skyline
Tiruchirappalli is a city that will leave you spellbound
Tiruchirappalli is a city that will leave you spellbound

Have you ever taken a moment and appreciated the sky The constant conundrum in our heads, all comes to a halt. Here are cityscapes that will make you appreciate your city a little more 

The city that is perfect amalgamation or the urban and rural within the same scape, here's what Chennai's skyline looks like. 

Apart from its raging nightlife, Goa also has a serene blanket wrapped around, making it desirable by all.

A boiling pot of biryani and warm hearts of the people, Hyderabad is a must visit.

Every traveller's first idea when it comes to exploring India, Jaipur's heritage and hospitality will leave you wanting more. 

The air in the city smells sweet, just like the heart of the people. One can perfectly blend in the chaos of city.

The quaint hills of Landour are all the peace you are looking for. 

The explicit hospitality of the town is what awaits every visitor here. Also one shouldn't miss the charm of the lanes of Old Lucknow.

The city that never sleeps and its eyes wide filled with everyone's dream, Mumbai vibes on its own.

Located in the North East, Shillong's serenity is unmatched. Apart from its serenity, the rains are a sight to behold here. 

A favourite weekend getaway for those looking for a respite from the heat, Shimla never disappoints. 

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