Little Rays of Hope in Singapore

Over 500 animal births have been reported in 2017 in Singapore
Baby Asian small clawed otters in Singapore
Baby Asian small clawed otters in Singapore

Where can you see a Bornean orangutan baby, endangered electric blue geckos, an endangered baby female pygmy hippo, a jaguar cub, a male white rhino calf or even a king penguin chick Singapore of course In 2017, four wildlife parks &ndash Jurong Bird Park, Night Safari, River Safari and Singapore Zoo  &ndash reported 540 animal births and hatchings, over a quarter of them belonging to threatened species.

Singapore Zoo welcomed a Bornean orangutan baby Khansa in April. Khansa&rsquos birth came at a crucial time for the species, just months after Bornean orangutans were uplisted from endangered to critically endangered status. In the RepTopia exhibit, two critically endangered electric blue geckos hatched in December. Electric blue geckos are among the most threatened in the world due to their popularity in the illegal pet trade. The zoo also welcomed Abina, an endangered baby female pygmy hippo in November while a jaguar cub joined her days later. Other baby stars to steal the limelight were Squish, a flamingo with dainty blue shoes, Oban, Singapore Zoo&rsquos first male white rhino calf in white years, and Maru, a king penguin chick.

Tip You can head to Singapore from India to see the baby animals for yourself There are various flights all over the country that head to Singapore.

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