The Monasteries Of Ladakh

Ladakh is a land rich in culture and steeped deep in Buddhist history. Its monastery form a large part of its identity and are very influential amongst the locals.
Monks gather around to pray at the Naropa Festival taking place at the Hemis Monastery
Monks gather around to pray at the Naropa Festival taking place at the Hemis Monastery

A trip to one of India's hallmark destinations, Ladakh, isn't complete until you have visited the Buddhist monasteries that populate the serene location. Forming a significant part of the Buddhist heartlands in India, this part of Jammu & Kashmir sees large amount of visitors from the Buddhist faith. Deeply influenced by the Tibetan branch of the faith, which follows the Mahayana and Vajrayana schools, the Dalai Lama continues to be an influential face among the locals and the monks. 

During my visit to this gorgeous destination, I went on a tour to several such major monasteries which hold a place of special value among the locals. These homes reflect the essence of the mountain-locked region. Elegantly built, and intricately designed, the monasteries are the key to unlocking the cultural background of India's pinnacle location. So much so is their significance that these monasteries play an unforgettable and central role in the education of the upcoming generation.

Shey Monastery

Noted for its giant Shakyamuni Buddha statue, the Shey monastery and Shey Palace complex are one of the oldest of its kind in Ladakh. Shakyamuni Buddha, named so since Buddha was the leader of the Sakya community who resided in the Himalayan foothills. The road to Shey is flooded with large number of monasteries, stupas, and rock carvings providing a great sight for the journey.

Thiksay Monastery

A twelve-story complex housing innumerable items in close association to the Buddhist faith such as stupas, statues, wall paintings, and swords, Thiksay is home to the Maitreya (future) Buddha. Located on a slope, the buildings are arranged in an ascending order of importance.

Hemis Monastery

Host of the Naropa Festival, the Hemis Monastery is one of the most influential of the region. Situated on a high altitude, Hemis is surrounded by snow-capped mountains. On my short stay there in September, light snowfall made the sight all the more alluring. 

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