In Pictures 7 Treks That Take You Through Stunning Terrains

Whatever your route and pace, trekking excursions can take you through some of the most picturesque landscapes in the world.
A woman hiking in Grand Canyon national park in Arizona, USA
A woman hiking in Grand Canyon national park in Arizona, USA

Our must-do trekking list for 2023 has some pretty breathtaking locations. These routes across the globe are multi-day trips that anyone with careful planning, the right training, and a spirit for adventure can complete. And you get to explore some of the craggiest paths and lofty peaks as you move from one place to another. 

Inca Trail Trek
Distance 45 kilometers
The Inca Trail is the kind of unique adventure all wanderers must experience at least once in their lifetime. It is one of the most sought-after outdoor things to do in South America, and a famous hike across the globe. It takes you through  Inca ruins, cloud forests, and majestic valleys, while you move towards the iconic Machu Picchu. You will walk along ancient paths leading deep into the Peruvian countryside that converges into the high Andean mountains.
Pro Tip Reservations must be made for the trail months in advance, and every trekker must travel with a tour group, including porters and a guide.
Jebel Toubkal Trek
Distance 72 kilometers
The highest peak in the Atlas Mountains, Morocco, and North Africa stands as Mount Toubkal, and is also called the Jebel Toubkal. About 60 kilometers south of Marrakesh, Toubkal is a section of the Atlas mountain range and a notable summit, the tallest for more than 2,000 kilometers, and a famous trekking destination. Views of a striking border crossed between land, ocean, and desert await you at the summit.
Pro Tip The northern path is longer and better for experienced hikers, whereas the southern trail is simpler and more popular for beginners.
The W Trek
Distance 80 kilometers
One of the best hikes in Patagonia, W Trek in Torres del Paine has routes that tower above the French Valley, the Grey Glacier, and the Towers' Base Viewpoint, highlighting them via a "W"-shaped hiking track. It is one of Chile's biggest and busiest attractions, drawing some 220,000 hikers from around the globe each year. The Torres del Paine W Trek is a section of the Big Circuit basing the entire route around the national park. However, the trail allows you to explore the park's entrance rather than fully circling the premises.
Path of the Gods Trek
Distance 8 kilometers
The Path of the Gods is Italy&rsquos finest hiking trail, stretching through historic mule ways, connecting villages, and offering spectacular views of the Amalfi Coast. It is located between the quaint mountain town of Bomerano, past Nocelle. You can start your trek from either end, but Bomerano&rsquos Piazza Paolo Capass is the preferred route for those not experienced in hikes. One benefit of starting in Bomerano is that the hike is downhill and includes a flight of steep stairs. Additionally, your journey will end at Positano, a great site to savour a delicious meal. Or you can visit the nearby beach.  
Snowman Trek
Distance 347 kilometers
The longest hiking route in Bhutan, the Snowman Trek traverses the northern region of the country from Laya to the lofty Bhutanese Himalayas. Due to the challenging weather, length, and altitude, it is one of the most difficult hiking trails in the world, owing to which the majority fail to complete the trek. It starts in Lunana, ascends to Gangkar Puensum, ends in Trongsa, and then travels to Bumthang district over rugged Himalayan trails. These may be found up to 5,000 meters above sea level. The path traverses through eleven mountain passes, rural villages, lakes, and some of the highest peaks, including Jomolhari, Jichu Drake, Gangkar Puensum, Masangang, and Tiger Mountain. Sometime snow leopards can be seen along the trail.
Grand Canyon Rim-to-Rim Trek
Distance 38 kilometers
The Grand Canyon's rim-to-rim climb is breathtaking but challenging. Below the rim is where the real magic of this hike lies. One of the bucket list activities, it draws those who love adventure sports and hikes with significant swings in elevation gain and loss.&nbspAlthough other routes across the Grand Canyon connect the rims, a &ldquorim-to-rim&rdquo hike often entails traveling from the South to the north or north to the South edge. One must be athletic enough to cover 21&ndash24 miles daily while trailing via the South Rim to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. The Colorado River, multiple waterfalls, Phantom Ranch are just a few of the exciting things you will encounter on this trail.
Pro Tip You can glimpse both rims simultaneously when you get to the canyon&rsquos bottom.
Kilimanjaro Trek
Distance 62 kilometers
Mount Kilimanjaro is one of the Seven Summits, and among the tallest mountains in the world. A dormant volcano, Kilimanjaro is located in Tanzania&rsquos National Park. The Machame route is the busiest of the seven primary routes up Mount Kilimanjaro. Many choose this path because it offers stunning views and a variety of wonders. Given its reputation as a challenging ascent, the Machame way, aka the Whiskey route, is preferred to the simpler Marangu route, also called the Coca-Cola route. The trek begins through the lush rainforest of Kilimanjaro. The greenery vanishes as the road approaches the Shira Plateau, and low vegetation in the heather zone takes its place. The trail then climbs steeply to the volcanic zone known as the Lava Tower before descending to and turning around beneath the South Icefield. As it travels halfway around the mountain, climbers are exposed to wonderful sights. 

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