Drain Spotting Looking For Art Under Your Feet

Take a tour around the world through the art of manhole covers
A manhole cover in Prague
A manhole cover in Prague

&lsquoBeauty lies in the eyes of the beholder&rsquo goes the famous line and you will find plenty of beauty in the art found in public spaces around the world. But have you been looking down enough to find some spectacular art underfoot Drain, sewer or manhole covers, however you would like to call them, mark the mouths of tunnels, pipes and shafts that run under the belly of cities and towns. While most of these cast iron discs are plain and simple, some are worth crossing lands and seas for a visit

Bratislava, Slovakia

Have you met Culmil the sewage worker yet Somewhat of a peeping tom, he is Bratslava&rsquos notorious sewer worker who sports a cheeky smile and coolly checks you out as you walk by. 

Osaka, Japan

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Manhole covers in Japan are like street jewellery&mdashthey glitter just like their stunning cities. In fact, the city's manhole covers are one of the top attractions for tourists, and you'll find them all over Instagram This eye-catching one in Osaka depicts the Osaka Castle (Osaka-jo), complete with cherry blossoms since the castle is a popular hanami (flower-viewing) spot.

Berlin, Germany

Featuring the most popular landmarks of Berlin&mdashthe Brandenburg Gate, the Berlin TV Tower, the Reichstag Building, the Victory Column of Berlin, and the Federal Chancellery Building&mdashthis manhole cover made by Germany&rsquos largest water works company, Berliner Wasserbetriebe, is almost like a symbolic compass that works as a reminder of all the fascinating landmarks that dot the city.

Budapest, Hungary

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Budapest&rsquos streets are a canvas of art, and the fleurs de lis is the commonest icon that you&rsquoll come across along with their coat of arms. This gorgeous sewer cover is one of the many found here that has intricate details of the four lily flowers, with ash leaves pointing out the compass directions.

Stavanger, Norway

Norway&rsquos rainy town of Stavanger sports beautiful manholes like these that capture the idyllic rustic life of the people living there in white wooden houses.

Vancouver, Canada

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Did you know the city of Vancouver runs contests to design their city sewer covers This constellation-like manhole cover is a result of one such competition and is now one of the most identifiable icons of the city.

Galway, Ireland

From engravings in ancient monuments and kirks to jewellery and tattoos &ndash there is no doubting how much the Irish love their Celtic knots. An extension of this love is this spectacularly intricate manhole cover that sports a Celtic knot along with an old Celtic pattern.

Denver, Colorado 

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Hand-drawn and later cast in iron, this sewer cover is an iconic one. Head over to Denver Colorado&rsquos artsy Lower Downtown Historic District and you will definitely come across this one.

Gunma, Japan

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That the Japanese do art like no one else needs no further proof than the sight of its bright popping manhole covers. This kawai-style colourful drain cover in Gunma can be found near one of the hot springs (or 'onsen') that dot this place and shows how yumomi (the traditional method of cooling hot springs using paddle boards) is done.  Don&rsquot be surprised if you find the same art printed on T-shirts and coasters too.

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