Chennai Photo Biennale announces third edition

Chennai Photo Biennale promises creative conversations in its hybrid edition, spread over 60 days in Chennai, starting December 9
Stills from Video Fast Forward to Zero
Stills from Video Fast Forward to Zero

The pandemic had upended the functionality of many art spaces, with galleries and institutes shutting doors for months on end. And over the course of the pandemic, the virtual experience of viewing art online also took a backseat. And it won&rsquot be wrong to express that an online experience can do little to match the eclectic experience of art viewing, in person. To celebrate the love of art and photography, Chennai Photo Biennale has announced its third edition, slated to start from December 9, 2021, up till February 6, 2022, a year after its 2020 edition was stalled. 

Titled Maps of Disquiet, the third edition of the Biennale, which will be spread across 60 days, will take a hybrid route, with both physical and digital events, anchoring itself in the city of Chennai. The event will hope to reflect on the issues that need our immediate attention and support, whether they are in the form of majoritarian impositions, ecological needs or technological disruptions, by providing a platform that promotes diversity of thought and voices. 

Curated by Bhooma Padmanabhan, Arko Datto, Boaz Levin and Kerstin Meincke, all artist exhibitions will have a presence online on that will be launched on the eve of 8 December, 2021 and some works will have physical presence in intimate forms in public spaces, such as Forum Art Gallery, Ashvita's Gallery, Roja Muthiah Research Library, and Madras Literary Society, as well as hybrid screenings of video works at the Goethe-Institut, Chennai. 

Chennai Photo Biennale, founded and organised by the CPB Foundation and Goethe-Institut Chennai, is dedicated to promoting photography education through a public art photography festival, along with providing opportunities to interact with international, national and local artists and curators.

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