Artistic India 5 Craft Villages You Need To Pay A Visit

Explore these craft villages and get in touch with the artsy side of India
In the village of Andro, Manipur, only married women practice the art of pottery
In the village of Andro, Manipur, only married women practice the art of pottery

There is a whole different world to explore, if only we find time off from our phone/tablet screen. Internet is full of shopping websites that are easily your one-stop shop for almost everything. So next time you find yourself browsing the world wide web for some pretty Ikkat dresses, beautiful unique potteries and places breathtakingly offbeat, do find time to investigate just a little bit more. You will learn so much about so many artistic villages in India, well known for their special arts and crafts. Here are five popular craft villages in India that you need to start your artsy journey with. 

Pochampally in Telangana
Fans of Ikkat, this is where you need to be. Pochampally is home to some of India's oldest handloom centres. The weaving community of Pochampally are proud of their rich and unique heritage of dyes and fabric.

Andretta in Himachal Pradesh
Andretta is one of India's most popular and loved art centres. The village is famous for its timeless pottery.

Pipli in Odisha
Located in Puri, Pipli is home to beautiful applique handicrafts. Pipli is colourful, the fabric they produce is to die for, the village makes for a creative holiday.

Chennapatna in Karnataka
Channapatna town in Ramanagara district of Karnataka is home to traditionally crafted toys that are also GI tagged. The town of Channapatna is also known as Gombegala Ooru or Toy Town.

Andro Pottery Village in Manipur
Not very far away from Imphal is Andro village, popular for their unique pottery and a tribal doll museum. This traditional method of pottery is practiced only by married women. 

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