The Sani Pass tours is one of the most enriching experiences out there
The Sani Pass tours is one of the most enriching experiences out there

Add These Borders Of Beauty To Your Bucket List

Not all borders are barbed wires and raised walls some are just a gift of nature

Whenever someone has mentioned borders, a series of barbed wires, raised walls, and armymen come to mind. While that may be true for many borders around the world, there are host of others which are renowned for their dramatic landscapes and natural beauty.&nbspBorders narrate stories of the nations they divide, represent the sentiments of the people they split. Believe me when I say that not all borders are boring. Here are a list of borders from around the world whose beauty and history will WOW you.


There aren't many other borders around the world which tell a story like the one at Wagah does. Demarcating the Indian states and Pakistani provinces, the border between the two nations is one of the most tense across the globe and a site of numerous conflicts over the years. But at a small Punjabi village, Wagah, enmity separating the the two nations is forgotten two hours before sunset everyday for a few moments. Having become popular in the past years, the Wagah Ceremony conducted by the Indian Border Security Forces and Pakistan Rangers remains one of the most beautiful reminders that friendship can be refurbished between the two fiercely divided nations. Taking place before sunset every evening, the ceremony starts with a parade by the soldiers from both sides eventually leading to perfectly coordinated lowering of the two nations' flag. 

You can go take a seat to watch the ceremony after 4 PM. There is no entry fee hence, we advice you be there as early as possible.

Getting There The Wagah Border is closest from the Golden city of Amritsar. From Delhi, you can either drive which can take upto 8 hours or take a flight which will take a hour and a half. 


Divided by the intimidating Himalayan Mountain ranges, when it comes to beauty there aren't many borders beating this one. The partition passes through Mount Everest and getting here isn't a piece of cake. One requires sheer determination, an unbreakable heart and possibly a lot, and I mean a lot of luck. But if you manage to reach here, you are in for a treat.

You can grab yourself a tour to the Himalayas in Nepal. Reserve yourself a spot here.

Getting There Book a ticket to the Nepalese capital, Khatmandu from where the tour begins. You can reach there by car from India or via flight. 


The stunning Iguazu Waterfalls connect the two South American powerhouses, Argentina and Brazil. Legends say that a deity planned to marry a woman named Napi, who fled with her mortal lover in a boat. In a fit of rage, the deity sliced the river, creating a waterfall and thus, condemning the lovers to an eternal fall. Even the unnatural elegance of the Niagara Falls falls short in comparison to the Iguazu Falls. Don't believe me Well, even the former American First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt upon seeing the Iguazu Falls exclaimed, "Poor Niagara" 

Check up on some tours offered to the falls here.

Getting There There are several airlines (Gol, LATAM, Avianca Brazil) which provide flights from the Brazilian city of Rio De Janeiro. 

Vatican City-Italy 

Vatican City might not have a FIFA recognised football team, but it shares with India one of the most iconic borders in the world. Essentially an independent city enclaved within the Italian capital Rome, you may not feel as if you are entering a different country as you walk through the gates. Opening on to the St. Peter's square, an ancient Egyptian obelisk and the St. Peter's Basilica make the first glimpse of Vatican a sight to behold. 

Getting There Vatican City is inside Rome hence, if you are in the Italian capital,  the road to this sacred city is pretty straightforward.

South Africa-Lesotho  

A border quite unique from the rest simply because Lesotho is surrounded by South Africa. The majestic mountainous landscape of Lesotho blends harmoniously with the lowered elevation of South Africa creating one of the most breathtaking natural borders in the world. A series of rivers and cliffs bring serenity to this incredible location. 

Venture into the Sani Pass which runs through this marvelous landscape by booking yourself a ride there. 

Getting There The Sani Pass from Durban is about a four hour ride. There are several connecting flights to Durban provided by airlines like Emirates and Lufthansa.

Dominican Republic-Haiti

The border shared by Dominican Republic and Haiti tells a story of two nations poles apart. Stretching from coast to coast and cutting through a mountainous landscape, the physical partition between two nations has very few times been this evident. On one side you see a deforested area which happens to be Haiti and on the other a lush green forest welcomes you into the Dominican Republic providing for the perfect juxtaposition in the position of the these two nations of the Hispaniola Peninsula. 

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