Add These Unusual Beaches To Your Bucket List

Begin your summer of surprise with a visit to these unusual beaches
Drone view of the Hidden Beach in Mexico
Drone view of the Hidden Beach in Mexico

With the summer sun soon expected to hit its stride and provide reprieve from the blistering cold, plans are already in place for a blissful vacation. Beaches often top the wish-list with their clear blue waters, glittering sunlight, and options for water sports making them prime destinations. But beaches come in different shapes and sizes. Whether it be the shell shores or the pink sands, these extraordinary beaches possess tranquility and an allure like no other. Make your summer holidays an one to remember at these unconventionally gorgeous beaches around the globe.

Chandipur Beach, India

What's special Vanishing shoreline.

Twice a day and throughout the year, the Chandipur beach in the state of Orissa in India disappears. The sea recedes by almost 5-6 kilometers offering an excellent opportunity to fearlessly walk into the sea. If you ever feel like American magician David Blaine (famous for walking on water), do make you way here.

Hidden Beach, Mexico

What's special It's hidden.

Imagine looking around for miles tired of not finding anything and out of the blue in front of you lays the treasure that you couldn't have hoped to discover. The Hidden Beach in Mexico is one such wonder. Invisible from the outside, it can be accessed by a long water tunnel connecting it to the Pacific Ocean. Created by accident as a result of test bombs, this destination is definitely one for the lovebirds. 

Shell Beach, Australia

What's special Cockle clam shoreline. 

This beautiful snow-white beach is refreshingly different. Made from millions of tiny shells stretching over many many kilometers, there is absolutely no sand at all. The buildings around the region in the 1900s were built from these shells. Hear the rustling of the shells underneath your feet as you walk across the beach. A stroll here is a divine experience. 

Hot Water Beach, New Zealand

What's special Hot spring water.

Scoop out your burrow on the sand and enjoy your very own hot water spa with a spectacular view at this fantastic beach in New Zealand. Located in the Coromandel Peninsula, hot water bubbles up through the sand. Remember to carry your spade or else digging your burrow might become a challenge. 

Cave Beach, Portugal

What's special Sea cave and crystal blue water. 

There are three slightly unconventional way to get to this gorgeous beach. One can either swim, take a boat, or if the tides are right kayak your way here. Created due to erosion, this extraordinary beach is famous for its crystal blue water, amazing cliff and its serene surroundings. If you are doing some soul searching this seems like just the perfect destination. 

Zlatni Rat Beach, Croatia

What's special It's changing shape.

I know what you're thinking. First, a drowning beach, then a hot water beach, and now a changing beach Well, in Croatia, the Zlatni Rat Beach changes its shape according to the water currents. Slim and narrow in shape almost like a tongue, the splendid complexions of blue in the water makes it a visual treat. 

Pink Sand Beach, Bahamas

What's special Pink sand.

Nothing says romantic like the Pink Sand Beach in Bahamas. The pink shades formed because of coral fragments and broken shells provide one of the most scenic beaches on the list. Bahamas' spectacular natural beauty is much talked about and its Pink Beach often finds itself on top of every visitor's wish-list. 

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