Train Stations That Will Blow Your Mind

Catch the journey of a lifetime with some rustic architecture and artsy aesthetics at these train stations from around the world
Dunedin Railway Station
Dunedin Railway Station

Travelling by flight is efficient and fast, but nothing (absolutely nothing) beats a train ride.&nbspOnce a leader in the industry of transportation innovation, trains are slowly losing out to other modes of travelling. And though train travel has reduced by large parts in recent years, it has always been a great way to see the remote, undiscovered parts of a country. Even if you aren't fond of travelling by trains, you must visit some of these most iconic train stations from around the world. Witness the coming together of breathtaking architecture, lavish aesthetics, and deep-rooted history at these grand old locations. 

Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (CST), Mumbai

Grand Central Terminal, New York

St. Pancras International, London

Dunedin Station, Dunedin

Milano Centrale, Milan 

Antwerp Central Station, Antwerp

Kanazawa Station, Kanazawa 

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