The AR in Art

Boundless and frameless, giant artworks pop, float and whizz by with Apple's innovative [AR]T Walks
Rendering of of Apples [AR]T Lab,under Sarah Rothberg
Rendering of of Apples [AR]T Lab,under Sarah Rothberg

Guided city tours are all the rage these days. Some tend to get repetitive, which is when you have to hand it to companies doing things a little differently. We didn&rsquot realise the company in question would be Apple, but in hindsight, it&rsquos not surprising. 

As part of their augmented reality experiences called [AR]T, the US tech behemoth hosted experiential art walks in August that projected vibrant visual layers onto the urban landscapes of New York, Tokyo, Paris, London, Hong Kong and San Francisco. Co-curated with the New Museum in Bowery, NY, visitors could sign up for walks that featured AR installations by contemporary artists Nathalie Djurberg, Nick Cave, Hans Berg, John Giorno, Carsten H&oumlller, Cao Fei and Pipilotti Rist. 

The project, where iPhone users could point their device at installations to enjoy the artwork, was meant to &ldquoconnect participants to public spaces such as London&rsquos Trafalgar Square, San Francisco&rsquos Yerba Buena Gardens or New York&rsquos Grand Army Plaza in Central Park.&rdquo Here&rsquos a look at what popped up

These experiential art walks haven&rsquot been announced for Indian cities yet, but you can still get a taste of the experience. We&rsquore told that Amass, an AR painting by Nick Cave, is available for viewing at Apple stores across the globe.

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