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Back to the future
Back to the future

These days travellers and vacationers are looking for more than just basic amenities in a hotel. There are many who feel the need to keep their Insta game &lsquolit&rsquo, so much so that it takes precedence over anything else. For you, we have collected this list of hotels that are not only Insta-worthy but are also very future-forward. Take a look at how designers and architects are pushing the boundaries with these unconventional, futuristic hotels. 

&nbspCapsule Hotels, Japan

Comfy, cosy and cheap. Japan&rsquos Capsule hotels have got their &lsquo3C&rsquo game on point. Also known as a pod hotel in the west, these mini rooms are equipped with bed, lights and sometimes even a TV. While some capsules may have attached lockers for guests to place their stuff, pod hotels generally have a separate zone with individual lockers. 

 Skylodge Adventure Suites, Peru

Vacationing while hanging off a Peruvian cliff Sounds about right. The Skylodge Adventure Suites in Peru offers the perfect blend of nature and luxury. Set 1,300 ft above the Sacred Valley, these glass lodges are ideal for adventure seekers.

 Doghouse Hotel and Brewery, Ohio

A hotel and a brewery all under one roof The world&rsquos first beer hotel, Doghouse Hotel and Brewery in Ohio is nothing less than a heaven for craft beer aficionados. Well, we don&rsquot know about you but an opportunity to wake up inside a brewery does sound intoxicating 

 Attrap&rsquoReves, France

Who&rsquod have thought living in a bubble could actually be a thing. The Attrap &rsquoR&ecircves Bubble Hotel in Allauch, France is taking the idea of living in isolation several notches higher. The hotel features climate-controlled bubbles that offer a 360-degree unobstructed view of the surrounding landscape. 

 The Muraka, Conrad Maldives

World&rsquos first underwater hotel villa, The Muraka is located 16 feet below sea level in the middle of Indian Ocean. Offering a panoramic view of life underwater, the property is connected by a long jetty to the Hilton's Conrad Maldives. 

 Pengheng Space Capsule, Bao&rsquon, China

We knew we would see the day when robots would take over, right The Pengheng Space Capsule Hotel gives you a glimpse of what that day would be like. A hotel staffed entirely by robots, whether you are a tech nerd or not, this place is worth a dekko. 

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