In Photos 5 Must Have Experiences In Greece Based on Your Personal Travel Style

The island country has something for everyone
The Ioannina lake in autumn season
The Ioannina lake in autumn season

The Balkan island country is the latest to ease its travel restrictions beginning May 1 and is all set to welcome visitors again. While borders in Greece opened up last year, various restrictions &mdash including proof of vaccination certificate with booster shots, covid negative tests, on-arrival testing &mdash made visiting Greece a tad bit difficult for travellers.

However, now that all major restrictions have been done away with, here are 5 experiences, based on your travel style, that you should not miss out on your next Greek holiday

For the beach bum Cyclades Islands

Apart from being the most famous island group in the Aegean Sea, they are also one of the most beautiful islands in the world. Think sandy beaches with azure waters, traditional lifestyle, isolated chapels and most of all hospitality at the heart of the islands. A group of 33 small islands and islets, it is here that you will find the postcard worthy white architecture.

For the history lover Dodecanese Islands

The sunniest corner in Greece, these islands are a history lover&rsquos dream come true. With 12 large islands and numerous smaller ones, Dodecanese is where you&rsquoll find the best of Byzantine and mediaeval monuments. Not only this, one should also lookout for the traditional settlements while here. 

For the dreamy traveller Koroni and Methoni Castles

If you&rsquove always grown up fascinated by castles then escaping away to the Koroni and Methoni Castles will be the highlight of your Greek vacay. Both the castles were built by the Venetians in the 13th century, and even today stand tall in all their glory. Apart from being significant marine and trade centres, these castles also serve as important pillars in understanding Greek history. 

For the foodie traveller Ioannina

While travelling the culinary scene is of utmost importance for some. And if, on a vacation, you find yourself hunting down the most authentic and lip smacking culinary experience, then Ioannina is your hub. The gastronomic pleasures here are ruled by spices and herbs from the hills, fresh catch from the sea and the traditional desserts. Another thing that you&rsquoll only find in Ioannina is alcohol-free liqueur. 

For the adventure junkie Gliding 

While its vast coastline may boast of various underwater activities, Greece also has plenty in store for the adventure junkies. One of the most sought after activities in gliding. While whizzing past the dynamic landscape, one can soak in a bird&rsquos eye view of the country. With an ideal climate for gliding, the best months for the activity are April to October.

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