5 Cities Known For Their Creative Gastronomy

Next time you are planning where to go for your holiday, why not look at a city that is recognised for its gastronomy and food culture
The picturesque city of Alba                                                 Shutterstock
The picturesque city of Alba Shutterstock

The City of Gastronomy project by UNESCO is under the umbrella of the wider Creative Cities Network which was launched in 2004. The idea is to organise member cities into seven creative fields Crafts and Folk Art, Design, Film, Gastronomy, Literature, Media Arts, and Music.

Gastronomy has been recognised as an important cultural heritage, since the culinary traditions of a people represent their identity revealing their habits and customs. In order to be listed as a City of Gastronomy, certain criteria set by UNESCO have to be met. These include a&nbspwell-developed gastronomy scene that is characteristic of the urban centre and/or region, a&nbspvibrant gastronomy community with numerous traditional restaurants and chefs,&nbspindigenous ingredients have to used in cooking,&nbspthere has to be a presence of traditional food markets and traditional food industry, the city must&nbsprespect for the environment and promote sustainable local products. So far, there are over 290 cities in the Creative Cities list. 

Here are some that are known for their excellent gastronomy scene.


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