2022 resolutions 7 experiences that need to be on every travellers bucket list

From boating in crystal clear waters to stargazing, here's the best of India for you
India is a land of unique experiences
India is a land of unique experiences

We are in calendar year &lsquo3&rsquo of the pandemic, and we are all tired. Trust us, we understand. But if you have an unquenchable thirst for travel, here are 7 experiences for 2022 that you can put down in your planners under &lsquoMust Do&rsquo 

Stargazing in Bhimtal

For city dwellers looking to escape the cacophony of the streets, Stargate Observatory Bhimtal by Starscapes offers travellers an unfettered view of the starry sky. From astrophotography sessions to an educational astronomy show, or simply gazing at the stars - there is much to do in Bhimtal on your next trip. But you needn&rsquot chase the stars to the hills for Starscapes is also opening up another observatory in Jaipur. 

Taste Bastar&rsquos Red Ant Chutney

What do red ants taste like If this peculiar question has been on your mind, there is nowhere else to be but in Bastar, where red ants, and their eggs too, are considered to be a local delicacy. This oddly sour and umami chutney is supposed to increase immunity too. 

A special tour for the lovers of Feni

When it comes to experiencing Goa&rsquos local delights, this alcoholic beverage is right up there  But few know about how it's distilled and stored. Step into the dizzying world of Feni with Cazulo Feni, a Feni tour in South of Goa founded by Hansel Vaz. A professional distiller explains each variant of Feni while allowing you an immersive (you will actually try these fenis) tour. 

Watch a Veena being carved in Thanjavur

Veena carving is an intricate art. And some families in Thanjavur have been practising this art for generations. Made from jackfruit wood, each piece is cut, carved and assembled by a few craftspersons labouring for long hours over weeks. Head to Thanjavur to see India&rsquos national instrument come to life in dimly lit shops. 

Tame the waves in Kovalam

About an hour south of Chennai, Covelong or Kovalam village has turned into a surfing community, with some of the best waves in the country drawing surfers and surfing aspirants to its shores. Take surf lessons at Covelong Point Social Surf School and find yourself hooked to this adventure.

Trace the steps of history in Jaipur

To counter the issue of water scarcity, many stepwells were built around India in medieval times, most prominently in Rajasthan and Gujarat. Chand Baori in Abhaneri, near Jaipur, Rajasthan, is among the largest of the stepwells, and arguably one of the most exquisite. Take a trip down to the base, traversing 3500 steps, almost to a depth of 100 feet.

Experience the crystal clear water of Umngot in Meghalaya

Nestled at the bottom of Jaintia hills, Dawki village in Meghalaya is now on the radar for its crystal clear river Umngot. The water of Umngot river is so clear and transparent it seems like the boats are floating in the air. Enjoy a relaxing boat ride in this river and relish the greenery amid the emerald waters of Umngot. 

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