10 Most Popular Food Items That Rule Delhi's Street Food Scene

You don't look for street food in Delhi, it finds you. Here are 10 very popular ones that you can easily call 'soul food'
Golgappa is one of the most important street food in Delhi
Golgappa is one of the most important street food in Delhi

They are cheap, they are everywhere, they are Delhi's favourite street food You don't look for street food in Delhi, it finds you. And I'm being way generous in terms of distance when I say that after every kilometer you'll find a street food vendor. Yes, they are everywhere. You are an early riser and are out on your morning walk There it is, the humble chole-kulcha stand. Care for late night munchies Parathas are here for your midnight hunger pangs. Feeling too hot outside Listen for the sound of someone making ice shavings for that tangy kala khatta chuski. Need something to warm your hands in winter Get a packet of freshly traditionally baked Delhi's favourite biscuit&mdashnan khatai. There is something for everyone in every season in Delhi and though they may not rate sky high in terms of hygiene, the Delhiites believe that there is nothing that a good gulp of antacid can't handle.

Street food is so big in Delhi that even in weddings there are compulsory street food stalls and you will most definitely see people making beeline for a plate of golgappe or four. From boiled eggs to a heavy plate of chicken biryani, Delhi is every foodie's paradise. In this photo essay, you will find no mention of momos. That is because, they need to stop putting soya nuggets in place of chicken and passing it off as chicken momos. There are definitely many street food items that we are not including in our list, such as, bread pakora, roadside Maggi (at least one outside every Delhi University collage lane), corn-on-the-cob (fire-roasted and steamed), fruit chaat, seasonal salted black jamun, and many more. Delhi street food list depends on how creative can a vendor get with his ingredients. But here are 10 most popular and typically-Delhi street food items that keeps this city going.



Aloo Tikki Chaat

Chole Bhature

Chole Kulche

Dahi Batata Puri


Kala Khatta

Kesar Pista Kulfi

Nan Khatai

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