Pet-friendly Stays For A Vacation With Your Furry Friends

Take your pets along to these gorgeous villas close to Kasauli and Dehradun and make unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime.
Stay With Your Furry-Friends
Stay With Your Furry-Friends

If our most generous furry friends could say it loud, they must be thanking the COVID-19 pandemic. Believe it or not, the pandemic has kept them near their families 24x7. As we slowly move towards everyday life, the first thing that strikes our mind is making travel plans for that most awaited vacation. But what about our little pet friends 

The only fear shared by all the pet parents is leaving their pets alone after spending so much time together. The option of having pet-friendly stays solves every problem and gives us a moment to enjoy our lovely vacation with our furry friends. So, book a villa to check in with your pet and make unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime. 

The Farmcation, Chandigarh

The Farmcation is a perfect picturesque beauty amidst nature. The desirable location, amidst the farms and orchards, is the ideal place for your furry pal and you to stroll around. Your pets can have ample space to run around and play to their hearts. The villa offers a leisure experience filled with impeccable interiors, curated furnishings, and embellishments. All-day fun-filled activities and indoor games like darts, archery, and croquet make the most of the cosy nooks scattered around the home. And an outdoor lawn is just the perfect spot to end your day while engaging with your best bud. While the sun goes down, swim with your furry pal and let the water soak up your tiredness and rejuvenate your soul. Far from the city crowd, this villa is a treat for you and your pet friend. 

Pear Tree Cottage, Kasauli

Nestled amid natural hues and green pastures, Pear Tree Cottage is a perfect stay for all mountain lovers. This hidden haven, away from the urban hustle and bustle, is just the kind of getaway you need for you and your furry friend. The villa provides a local touch and a fresh, home-style dining experience. The vast expanse of the green land is just waiting for you to play &lsquoFetch&rsquo with your bud. The best place to bond with your furry bud while enjoying the breathtaking views of the verdant valley. And what&rsquos more, the villa features numerous activities to indulge in, so your pet will not want to leave it either 

Out of the woods, Kasauli

Check out this hidden paradise in Kasauli. Rooted in the heart of Himachal Pradesh, Out of the Woods is a perfect break from the mundanity of everyday life. As the name suggests, it is a home nestled amid towering pine trees and a wooded forest. It will be a treat for your pet as soon as they see the enchanting view of the distant hills, the majestic pine trees, and the forest. Enjoy a sip of coffee or tea while sitting on the spacious balconies, which offer enigmatic views. Live every bit of a moment with your pet friend at this soulful home. You can end the day with a lavish barbeque meal, around the bonfire, under the starry night skies.

Bamboo Grove, Dehradun 

If you want to escape from your cramped-up city life, Bamboo Grove in Dehradun is where you should be. It&rsquos a classic vintage villa characterised by its stunning backdrops and prime location. Your bud is going to love the sanctity of this charming abode. Book your day for a playful section and agility training for your bud on the lawn. It&rsquos a day for your enthusiastic pet to have fun while playing with a frisbee or a tennis ball. You could also take treks with your dog to explore the breathtaking views. Overlooking the rippling waters of a tributary of the Rispana River, this pristine home, with an abundance of flora and fauna, is ideal for breaking free and letting loose. 

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