Christmas Trails Among The Yuletide Wonders Of Europe

From botanical gardens decorated with millions of lights to Christmas in ancient castles, these are the most amazing Christmas experiences in Europe
Christmas lights in Malaga                                                   Photo Credit elRoce / Shutterstock
Christmas lights in Malaga Photo Credit elRoce / Shutterstock

Winter season, long evenings, holiday countdown &ndash December has us all excited already. The absolutely abstract mundane things radiate comfort in this cosiest weather. Streets are opening up for Christmas carnivals, donned with sparkling lights, distant chatters, and mistletoes. Indeed, this is the perfect season to adore festive illuminations and jaunt a stroll. And Europe has the places best-known for aesthetic Christmas trails. Let&rsquos explore some of its yuletide  wonders.

Dunham Massey, Cheshire

Spread at a 90 minutes walk, the trail is the most unique. It exhibits different segments with varied themes that can surely surprise anyone. The famous segments include a Glitterball garden spread with spinning glitter balls, which is absolutely serene and mesmerising. Its Rose Garden engulfs you in a storm of colour-changing roses, making it a dreamy paradise. The Fire Lanterns and the Cathedral are full of shimmering lights that seem divine and leave you enchanted with their pretty setting. The trail ends with the Neon Strings, which reflect an impressive show of criss-cross lights resembling unique geometric patterns. Throughout the entire way down, you will also find several eateries offering all kinds of Christmas food and drinks, giving you total festive vibes.

When to visit &ndash November 18 to January 2 

Vienna, Austria

Start your trail at Stephansplatz and witness the huge Christmas tree. You will find the entire street gleaming with various types of beautiful lights. Moving ahead, you can also explore Graben, where you get to see the whole pathway lit with opulent chandeliers. Arriving at the end, Kohlmarkt&rsquos gorgeous glistering night sky adds life to the trail. Another popular location for light shows is the Rathaus Christmas Markets. The markets have a complete shopping spree space with Rathaus lights changing all the time. Clothing items and various varieties of food can also be bought here, such as the seasonal famous roasted chestnut, Krapfen, and the Erd&aumlpfelpuffer, the local delights.

When to visit &ndash November 19 &ndash December 26

Roundhay, England

Imagine walking down a gorgeous path of tunnel lights. It seems mesmerizing, doesn&rsquot it The Roundhay Park illuminates the trail via its brightened tunnel flowing with twinkling lights. The dancing lakeside reflections, enormous baubles, and trees creeping with slipping lights are a view to catch when you are here. Its Fire Garden offers picturesque landscapes along the route, rousing an array of dazzling lights. Independent food sellers will be present, too, allowing visitors to enjoy their starry stroll with a cup of spiced winter warmer or Christmas spesh hot chocolate.

When to visit &ndash December 8 &ndash January 1 

Malaga, Spain

The Botanical Garden of Malaga covers a distance of approximately 2.2 kilometers and is decorated with 2 million light points setting a grandeur. With more than 20 light installations, this year&rsquos trail will transport people to ancient destinations. The route will present the theme of A Journey to the East. It will start with the Arabian architecture of Persia, followed by Babylon, and mark the endpoint in Bethlehem. The spellbinding light-stricken garden will have LED lights putting a stunning show ahead to make the festivities more lavish yet viable.

When to visit &ndash November 26 to January 6

Kent, England

The festival finest, Christmas at Leeds Castle, is an extravagant celebration crowned as one of the most visited attractions. This year, the trail's festive theme pleasantly leads visitors on an illuminated tour of the castle grounds as they pass lofty structures and a whirling light display. Look for beautiful trees decked out in glistening lametta tinsel and a fusion of colors paired with floral arrangements as you go through the castle. The traditional Leeds Castle Christmas Tree is the main highlight, which floats the Christmas spirit, making it a site impossible to miss.

When to visit &ndash December 24 &ndash December 31 

Salerno, Italy

A beautiful outdoor display of lights, colors, flowers, snow, and stars is put in the parks, streets, and squares of Salerno every year during Christmas. The official event, Luci d&rsquoArtista, draws thousands of tourists from all over the country. Not just lights, but Christmas here also comes with musical events which add sparkle to the celebrations. You will feel like you are in a fantasy as you stroll around Salerno and at the Villa Comunale, where you will be astounded by its magical garden's breathtaking scenery. Take a walk along the seafront to explore the items of the Christmas markets.

When to visit &ndash December &ndash January 

Edinburg, Scotland

Christmas at the Royal Botanic Garden begins with breathtaking light installations. With over a million sparkling lights, this year's celebration is bigger and brighter than ever. The garden's natural surroundings and ancient structures serve as the backdrop for stunning visual effects along a one-mile trail. A Cathedral of Light, an immersive exhibit with more than 100,000 tiny lights, is open for visitors to explore. It will run beside the Garden's renowned Beech Hedge for 70 meters, a first in Scotland. Its captivating Fire Garden, a light show at the Victorian Palm House, and the festival closing on Inverleith House Lawn are other exciting attractions planned for 2022.

When to visit &ndash November 17 &ndash December 30

Wisley, Surrey

Explore the RHS garden's magical trail and sight some of Wisley's most famous landmarks. While strolling past the Jellicoe Canal and the old Laboratory, through Wisteria Walk, into the Glasshouse, you will see the magnificent light show with music and fire, adding a new twist to the celebrations. This year, there will be more flaring lights, fire, and fountain displays than ever before, making the garden shine even brighter. Inside the Glasshouse, you will also discover a breathtaking horticultural show with a white Christmas theme. Visit the holiday-themed chalets in the village square to find a wide selection of exclusive Christmas edibles, including bratwurst, pretzels, toasted marshmallows, roasted chestnuts, holiday cakes, sweets, hot chocolate, and mulled wine.

When to visit &ndash November 17 &ndash December 30

Oxfordshire, England

Visit the Blenheim Palace's picturesque grounds, which brim with holiday cheer as more than a million lights and festive melodies fill the air. Soak yourself in the festive spirit as you explore glistening light tunnels, dancing lakeside reflections, and trees painted with jewel-like hues. Enjoy the fire garden's captivating flickering flames and mesmeric illuminations, and wander towards Father Christmas along the route. This time the visitors will find the palace rooms, turned into the Kingdom of Snowqueen with glittering Land of Snowflakes and silvery frost-covered woodland decorated with shimmering crystals. 

When to visit &ndash November 18 &ndash January 2 

Tetbury, England

Discover a fascinating world of mind-blowing light shows as you travel along the lit route through Westonbirt Arboretum's beautiful trees. The 2,500 different tree species that call Westonbirt Arboretum home are represented here. As you pass through the forest, take in the spectacular light shows and spectacles. Father Christmas will make a brief cameo along the woodland route, but he won't be hanging out in a cave or walking the streets of the Christmas Village. His elves will be present at significant points along the road and engage with travelers.

When to visit &ndash November 25 &ndash December 21

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