Hills to Hot Springs 6 Ideas For That Perfect Spring Holiday

Spring is in the air. Time to turn over a new leaf. We have put together a list of spectacular destinations in India which are perfect for enjoying the season of rejuvenation.
Hill stations like Kasauli are full of spring blooms at this time of the year
Hill stations like Kasauli are full of spring blooms at this time of the year

The Hills Are Alive

Waiting in anticipation at the prospect of getting a long-awaited travel fix this spring Why not ease back into travel with a trip to a secluded hill station The quaint little hill town of Kasauli in Himachal Pradesh is perfect any time of the year. But since we don't shun extra goodness, ever, we think Kasauli is one of the best places to visit in India in March. The town was developed as a conval-escence centre for the adjoining cantonment of Sabathu. And just as tranquil Kasauli helped many a soldier find his fighting form again all those years ago, the same invigorating climes today enable tired urbanites to head back to their offices refreshed after a weekend of divine relaxation. Old colonial-era houses dot the town, the gorgeous Christ Church stands tall and bright, orchards, pretty gardens and verdant pine forest all around...Kasauli is a dream destination post harsh winter. Kasauliwallas, protective of their town, have set up a Society for Protection of Kasauli that has indeed succeeded &ndash thus far &ndash in keeping at bay the hideous over-development that has ruined other hill stations. A hill paradise, for there are few destinations that are as close to home, and as soothing. 

For a quick guide to Kasauli, check here.

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Sign Up for a Valley Trek

What comes to mind when you think of meadows Miles and miles of greenery, gentle rolling hills, view of not-so-distant mountains, cattle grazing...idyllic bliss. Dayara Bugyal is all of the aforementioned. It is in fact one of the most beautiful meadows in the country. Located in the Uttarkashi district of Uttarakhand, it is a choice destination for trekkers. Starting from Barsu village (45 km away from Uttarkashi), the six-hour trek to Dayara Bugyal will take you through beautiful countryside with lush greenery and stunning view of the hillocks and mountains.

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Peace Out by a Himalayan Lake

No trip to Sikkim is complete without a visit to the several ethereal lakes. You must make a trip to Tsomgo (Changu) lake, about 35km from the city and 15km ahead of Nathu La. Perched at over 12,000 feet, the beauty of this alpine lake changes with the season &ndash vivid blue with flowers in spring and summer to sleet grey with snow in winter. The short cable car ride and the upper station perched at 14,500 feet offer a panoramic view of the surrounding snow peaks and the lake below. The area receives heavy snowfall and you will need weather appropriate clothing and footwear. A more peaceful and remote lake in Sikkim&nbspis Khecheopalri. This holy &lsquowish fulfilling lake&rsquo is about 35km from the popular touristy town of Pelling in west Sikkim. A short walk through a forested trail will lead you to the lake. Although surrounded by green hills, not a leaf can be seen littering the water. A prayer-wheel lined boardwalk leads to the edge of the lake.

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Take the Flower Trail

The Valley of Flowers is a legendary Himalayan valley - a magical place where a million wildflowers bloom.&nbspIn 1931, mountaineer Frank S Smythe and his colleagues, including the legendary mountaineer Eric Shipton, chanced upon a valley on their way from a successful expedition to climb Kamet, and were mesmerised &mdash&ldquoIt was impossible to take a step without crushing a flower. The Bhyundar Valley was the most beautiful valley that any of us had seen. We... remembered it afterwards as the Valley of Flowers.&rdquo In 1937, Smythe returned to the valley to climb, explore and collect flowers and seeds. His reminiscences were published as The Valley of Flowers. The name stuck. Till 1982, the Bhyundar Valley was home to people who populated its hills, rivers and forests with stories about deities and fairies, and used its meadows as summer grazing grounds for animals. Then, it was declared a national park, out of bounds for locals who now had to run guesthouses and dhabas. Today it is a part of the larger Nanda Devi National Park and is also a Unesco World Heritage Site. The notified area of 87.5sq km lies above 10,500ft and is under snow from November to April. The valley contains a range of altitudes and vegetation just 19sq km is the kind of fecund meadow land that tourists have access to.&nbspIt&rsquos a breathtakingly beautiful trek to this place, with immense mountains, snowy backdrops, a gushing river and incredible greenery as you cross the Alaknanda, meet its tributary &mdash the Bhyunder &mdash and walk along it. After 5&mdash6 hours, you reach the settlement of Ghangharia, which is the overnight halt for the valley. 

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Rejuvenate at a Hot Spring

Hot springs are one of those hidden gems of nature that are relatively less explored by travellers in India. So it comes as no surprise that they aren&rsquot considered much of a hot topic while talking about travel experiences. What&rsquos interesting is that they are touted to be great stress relievers and some are even believed to have medicinal properties. We suggest you pick the hot spring of Tapovan in Uttarakhand. A perfect day-trip spot from Joshimath, this yellow-rock hot spring gets bonus points for stunning views. The water here is so hot that you can boil eggs or even cook rice. For the adventure-hungry, club the dip with a trek up to the nearby Dronagiri Chaukumbha and Nanda Devi peaks.

Or try Vashisht in Himachal Pradesh. Located in a temple atop the Beas River, the Vashisht hot springs bring together spirituality and relaxation. Surrounded on all sides by dense green hills, this village is not very far from Manali. It is surrounded by granite deposits and its water ranges from 40-50&degC.

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Soak in the Sun

After being deprived for the last few months of the sun's rays, why not head out to a beach But not something overdone like Goa. We recommend Kappil Beach which lies 7 km away from Varkala in Kerala. Take our word for it - this lagoon-coconut-sand strip is a stunner. It remains a local beach, hence you do not get the crowds. The road leading to the beach is a long scenic stretch that has sea on one side and the backwaters on the other. The area receives heavy rainfall from June-August which can severely restrict your travel during this period.

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