Your Last Minute Guide To Destinations For The Republic Day Weekend

Still not figured out where to head out for the upcoming long weekend Here are some ideas
The beach at Ganpatipule in Maharashtra
The beach at Ganpatipule in Maharashtra

Ganpatipule From Mumbai

Far away from the rather crowded Chowpatty and (magically) perpetually, dirty&nbspVersova beach are the clean sands of Ganpatipule.&nbspAbout 8 hours from Mumbai, it is hard to believe Ganpatipule is in Maharashtra.&nbspEither drive down the bumpy road or take a train to Ratnagiri, which is the closest station.

Do Ganpatipule is blessed with a gorgeous eponymous beach as well as the Malgund beach, which boasts of patches of black sands and sunsets out of a paintbox. It&rsquos best to lie down there with a book in hand and no agenda.

Horsley Hills From Chennai

There are at least three things that make a visit to Horsley Hills in Andhra Pradesh an ideal Independence Day weekend getaway&mdashlush, scenic surroundings, charismatic British Raj-era bungalows and good weather. Leave bustling Chennai behind and head north-west for 276 km to these highlands located 4,152 ft above sea level.

Do Here you will find the usual tourist skitter scatter, but also a bunch of worthwhile attractions. Take, for instance, Gali Bandalu (lit. windy rock). True to its name, it is a perpetually-windy rocky slope, known for its splendid hill vistas and sunset sights. Similar is Gurram Kond (lit. horse hill), approx. 40 km from Horsley and between the towns Madanapalle and Raichoti, which has a small fort at its foot.

Landour From Delhi

It&rsquos the weekend, and you&rsquore longing for something a little reclusive. While others are well on their way to higher, more crowded hills&mdashNainital, Manali and beyond, there&rsquos a smaller town up the hills of Mussourie that is a nest of peace. Take a train from Delhi to Dehradun, and it&rsquos a 1.5-hour drive from there.

Do We wouldn&rsquot say there&rsquos so much to &lsquodo&rsquo as there is not to do&mdashyou can not worry and not be stuck in traffic (most people travel by foot here). However, a small itinerary can go like this visit the sunset point at Laal Tibba, play with the local dogs at Char Dukaan, rent a bicycle around the hills, and buy jams and peanut butter from Prakash&rsquos shop.

Shillong From Kolkata

Kolkata, give Darjeeling and Kalimpong a much-desired break and plan a trip to Shillong. This Northeastern city, capital of Meghalaya is a beautiful destination to explore, and what doesn&rsquot hurt matters is that it&rsquos only a 2-hour direct flight from Kolkata.

Do&nbspThere are beautiful waterfalls to explore from the popular Elephant Falls in the city or the Dainthlen nearby in Cherrapunjee. A stroll along Ward&rsquos Lake is also pleasant, and for the most adventurous, even a boat ride. &nbspYou can also go shopping at Meghalaya Handloom and Handicrafts to buy local handicrafts from the state.

Savandurga From Bengaluru

Those who are not keen to go on a long drive or just want a day&rsquos outing, Savandurga may be an answer for you. You may go trekking along the monolithic granite hill or even try a spot of rock climbing. However, only the Biligudda (White hill) trail is open to visitors. Local people advice that do not stay up in the hills after dark as you may encounter wild animals.

Do There are two ancient temples - Savandi Veerabhadraswamy temple and Sree Lakshmi Narasimhaswamy - located at the bottom of the hill. From the top of the hill, you can catch a panoramic view of the surroundings, including the reservoirs and river.

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