Walking and cycling through Corsica

Discover this stunningly beautiful French Mediterranean island in an intimate way
Walking and cycling through Corsica

The Mediterranean island of Corsica is known for its wild landscapes, hearty food and wine. Macs Adventure has launched self-guided walking and cycling tours of this French island that will reveal its unique culture, history and language. The two walking tours&mdashCorsica in Style and Corsica Island of Beauty&mdashstart from the Citadel in Corte, the fortress perched on a rocky outcrop, and then travel down into the Tavignano Gorge. The itinerary also includes a walk from the Gorge de la Restonica to Lake Melo, a walk from the port town of Calvi to the hill top chapel of Notre Dame de la Serra, a coastal walk along the peninsula to the Revellata Lighthouse, and a strenuous hike up mountain Capu di a Veta. The tour called Cycling around the Cape of Corsica passes through local villages and port towns on quiet, minor roads with views of rugged cliffs, weathered Genoese Towers and rolling hills of vineyards.

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