Walk The (Guide)line

A bachelor's degree in history is now mandatory for becoming a guide at any of the monuments under the ASI
Walk The (Guide)line

Bad news for those who don&rsquot hold a history degree but aspire to be guides at any of the 3,687 monuments under the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI). A new guide policy, dated September 7, was submitted to the Supreme Court, Section 3.1 of which mentions a recommended educational qualification of a bachelor&rsquos degree (in Ancient History, Medieval history or Modern history, with knowledge of art and architecture) and fluency in one or more languages as a requirement to becoming a guide. Earlier, any bachelor&rsquos degree was enough. As per Section 2.1, the ASI has also done away with the many guide categories&mdashregional, state or monument&mdashreplacing them with one &lsquoASI monument guide&rsquo category. Section 2.4 also mentions the introduction of a test which guides will have to pass for a five-year license. Following major opposition from guides, the Supreme Court said it will review the matter on September 27 (at the time of going to press).

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