USA Noah's Ark

A life-size representation of Noah's Ark at a recently opened theme park in Kentucky has been causing quite a stir
USA Noah's Ark

Its a simple formula. To stir up some controversy, just add a pinch of religion to an entirely unrelated businesssuch as an amusement park. Ark Encounter is the $100 million dollar main attraction of a recently opened theme park in Kentucky, USA, which, the claim goes, is a life-size representation of the fabled Noahs Ark. Other than its preposterously expensive construction cost and the fact that its been surrounded by controversy ever since it was commissioned six years ago, the stats are pretty impressive. Were talking a length of 510 feet and a height of 51 feet dimensions as specified in the Bible. Irreverent visitors should make the trip for no other reason but to see the largest extant timber-frame structure in the worldabout the length of a football field and a half. See

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