Travel Updates British Airways Deal

Book now and get great airfare deals for the whole year
Travel Updates British Airways Deal

If youre planning on visiting the UK, US or Canada this year, then you could do much worse than booking your flights in advance on British Airways( The carrier is offering a New Year Special bonanza offer to Indian travellers that can make your overseas trips much easier in 2017. Between January 10 and January 31, you can book return tickets to London for 38,340 all inclusive and to New York for 57,960 all inclusive under the World Traveller, Economy programme. If you opt for the World Traveller Plus, Premium Economy programme, then the return fare for London will be 88,650 all inclusive and for New York, 98,235 all inclusive. For the Club World, Business programme, all inclusive return fare to London will be at 1,22,070 all inclusive and 1,76,010 all inclusive for New York.You can buy tickets for the entire year in this period, all the way to January 31, 2017.

But this isnt all. If you buy tickets under any of these programmes, you will be eligible for excellent discounts from a selection of famous UK brands such as Amanda Wakeley, Bentley & Skinner, DAKS Heritage Tailoring and others. For more information on the offer and the discounts, visit their website.

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