The Mudra Dance Festival

India's most prestigious cultural event will captivate you with its wonderful dance performances
The Mudra Dance Festival

The Mudra Dance Festival, thematically curated by the National Centre for the Performing Arts, Mumbai, ranks among India&rsquos most prestigious cultural events. This time the NCPA focusses on animal symbolism in Indian mythology, so come prepared for startlingly vivid expressions of captivating stories that are central to the seasoned performances that have been planned. There&rsquos Manasa Charitram, a Bengali folk tale rendered in Kathakali with artwork inspired by traditional Pattachitra paintings, performed by research scholar Probal Gupta. Besides noteworthy explorations in Chau, Kathak and Manipuri, Rahul Acharya interprets the majestic Nandi, the divine bull and Shiva&rsquos vehicle, via Odissi Bhavana Reddy explores the swan-like soul of Indian art and philosophy in Hamsoham and Devdutt Pattnaik gives a talk simply titled &lsquoPashu&rsquo (21-24 April

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