Friendship on the fly

Never met your Facebook friends If they're on the same flight, you could share face time with them
Friendship on the fly

Now that &lsquofriendship&rsquo has gone viral on the social networks, real life is set to imitate virtual, it would appear. So what if you never met the 2,567 friends you have on Facebook If they&rsquore on the same flight, you could share face time with them and cement that relationship for real

At least, that seems to be the idea behind KLM Royal Dutch Airlines&rsquo proposed &lsquomeet and seat&rsquo service, linking co-passengers&rsquo Facebook and LinkedIn profiles, to let you browse and select your seatmates. Thankfully, it&rsquos an opt-in service, but it certainly stirred up a Twitterstorm.

There&rsquos a more grown-up &mdash and less stalker-ish &mdash version already in existence (though also new) from an Aussie bloke who met the date of his dreams on a plane... and forgot to get her number. Will Scully-Power used his marketing analytics experience to develop a flight-wide search for your lost new friend. Instead of plugging in profiles from the get-go, you share your story on and hope the other guy had the same great idea (s)he can then choose to re-connect &mdash or not.

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