Delhi Serendipity Arts Festival

Don't miss the Delhi edition of Goa's favourite festival
Delhi Serendipity Arts Festival

The Serendipity Arts Festival, when held in Goa last December, brought together the best of visual, performance and the culinary arts. And now that it is underway, less than half a year later, in the capital, in the edition known as 16 in 17, that only means great things for Delhis art scene.

An interestinginstallation thats been a part of the festival (currently being held from April 6to 16at Bikaner House) is Chakraview. The art piece was earlier displayed at the inaugural edition of the prestigious London Design Biennale, held in September 2016, where over 37 countries and territories participated. Its director, Dr. Christopher Turner, called the installation a highlight of our event. The India Design Forum (IDF), one of Indias leading art forums bringing together various art sensibilities, ministries and artists, is presenting the artwork.

Chakraview is a vibrant potpourri of Indian culturecombining traditional textiles, ancient mythology and modern design innovations into an eclectic mix. Hanging textiles and a mirrored floor are some of the other interesting elements. The inclusion of many colours makes for a visually appealing display.
A number of collaborators are responsible for the art project some of the prominent ones include Sumant Jayakrishnan, whos a scenographer and designer based in New Delhi and known for projects such as the acclaimed Deepa Mehta film Waters art direction and Tim Supples The Midsummer Nights Dreams stage and costume design. Avinash Kumar, a design strategist and co-founder of BLOT, which is a well-known audio-visual collective and UnBox Festival, an arts platform, also features prominently in the artwork.

Curated by Rajshree Pathy, whos IDFs founder, Chakraview is indeed worth the visit. Over 11 days, Serendipity Art Festival 16 in 17 showcase everything including a photography exhibition, dance performances, storytelling sessions and a crafts exhibition. Catch it before its too late See for more details.

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