Delhi, I Love You

Delhi, I Love You movement launches a video to celebrate Delhi
Delhi, I Love You

Delhi, I Love you (DILY) as a concept was initiated when producer Thomas Ellis met with Emmanuel Benbihy, the founder of Cities of Love in Spring 2013. Soon the team members were discussing &ldquoWhat if we all looked at Delhi in a new light What if we focussed on what we truly like about our city Its initiatives, its creativity, its history, its food, its stories, its biodiversity, its people That is the idea behind Delhi, I Love You &ndash a movement of Love in and for the city,&rdquo says Aastha Chauhan, Director, DILY movement. The video, a 30-month initiative, concludes with an international feature film and comes as the next chapter of the Cities of Love Series, in collaboration with the producers of critically acclaimed &ldquoParis Je T&rsquoaime&rdquo (2006) , &ldquoNew York I Love You&rdquo (2009) and &ldquoRio eu te amo&rdquo (2015). The video is be up for public viewing on YouTube. Follow the video to go on a journey through a day of the city.

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