Customise Your Travel Insurance

A new plan from Bajaj Allianz General Insurance even covers a public bus ride
Customise Your Travel Insurance

For all those seeking to safeguard their travels, Bajaj Allianz General Insurance has launched a customisable domestic travel insurance plan called Bharat Bhraman. It covers all modes of transport (both public and private, and even includes taking a cab service by the e-commerce aggregators). It also offers cover for the travel taken by your private car, bike or even a bicycle. Long bike rides or short trips using private or a public bus service, all are covered.

Another highlight is the cover for adventure sports enthusiasts. The plan provides financial protection and pays for medical expenses or an evacuation in case of a mishap while indulging in any adventurous activity.

There is also burglary insurance cover for the time you are away and takes care of everything from baggage loss to trip delay to the additional money you may have to shell out, in case you need to modify or cancel your stay due to an unforeseen delay.

One can purchase the policy online, through an advisor or tour operator who is helping plan the trip. Travellers can choose the tenure of cover for a single day/trip or for specific number of days as per the travelling schedule. Additionally, for those who live out of their bags, an annual cover is also available.

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