Cruises Pepper Robots

Costa Cruises installs five new 'happy' android robots on Costa Diadema
Cruises Pepper Robots

A cruise is a cruise, right Um, not quite. And certainly not if you walk onto a cruise ship and are greeted by a robot that faintly resembles a Pillsbury doughboy. Now imagine that robot talking to you soothingly, sympathetically, comfortingly... welcome to cruises with a difference. Italian cruise line Costa Cruises plays great innovator by installing five of these Pepper Robots on one of their ships, the Costa Diadema. The android is able to recognise emotions thanks to its advanced artificial intelligence, and can speak three languages including English. Pepper can interact with its surroundings at an advanced level, since it picks up a conversation when it senses someones nearby. Oh, and dont worry, its a happy robot. When asked whether its planning to destroy the world, it responded with a definite no.

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