Travel Trends Nostalgic Travel And The Yearning For The Past

According to an Amsterdam-based online travel agency survey, visitors increasingly consider nostalgia when making travel decisions for 2023. As a result, "nostalgic travel," or the desire to travel back in time, has become popular
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Travelling has always been a way to escape the present and immerse ourselves in new experiences. A trend for 2023, as recorded by an Amsterdam-based online travel agency, has shown that travellers are looking at another factor as of late nostalgia. This is giving rise to the trend of "nostalgic travel," wherein people want to relive the old times, perhaps their childhood memories, or experience a favourite film scene from the 1980s. Many have been looking for locations off the beaten path where they can embrace nature, enjoy silence, and take a break from screens. 

Link To The Future 

We often hear that history repeats itself, and now travellers want history to repeat itself. Nostalgic travelling, at its essence, is about reliving memories of days gone by. However, hotspots from years ago have turned into crowded streets and, as an aftereffect, lost their charm. There was a time when people used to find it challenging to make their way to the opposite end of the country, whereas a plane ride could get you anywhere quickly. The survey further says that as people look more hopeful towards 2023 to travel, they would like to focus on their spending habits and consider travelling before or around the peak season to save on travel expenses and avoid crowds. In a constantly evolving world, we often find ourselves longing for the comfort and charm of yesteryear. Moreover, with a rise in the use of augmented and virtual reality devices, participants expressed that they are inspired to explore places they have only experienced virtually so far physically. 

In Seach Of The Retro Vibes 

The trend of nostalgic travel shows that people are looking for more experiences that transport them back. Even the new current slogan by Samsonite reads "Travel Like Your Parents" and boasts of going back to a time when there were "no phones, more connection" and "less certainty, more discovery". Grasping the current generation of travelling enthusiasts, they further say, "fewer photos, more unforgettable moments," referring to film cameras or vintage cameras that the youth are getting their hands on from second-hand buys. From vintage-inspired accommodations to retro-themed attractions, tourists are increasingly drawn to experiences that revive the past. 

In the US, for instance, people plan for road trips on the iconic Route 66, where one can catch a whiff of John Steinbeck's Great Depression novel The Grapes of Wrath, or the trailblazing folk musician Woody Guthrie, jazz legend Nat King Cole, and more. Route 66 passes through eight US states, giving the traveller a big, fat slice of the America one sees, sings and reads about.

Reliving The Magic Of Old Films

Nostalgic travel transcends time and allows us to embark on a journey that intertwines the present and the past. As we explore destinations that have witnessed historic events or cultural shifts, we gain a deeper understanding of our roots and a renewed appreciation for our heritage. India, in particular, boasts several locations that have gained immense popularity due to their association with old movies. The film industry's golden era during the 1950s and 1960s created numerous iconic films that left an indelible mark on our minds. These films showcased breathtaking locations, adding to their appeal and popularity. Today, avid fans and travellers seek to visit these iconic shooting spots, wishing to relive the magic of those cinematic moments.

Vintage Magic

Tourists are also looking to travel to "vintage" locations, forest rest houses, and hill stations with motivation for wellness and health. They are giving more importance to other aspects of the journey, such as travelling and making connections and memories with new faces, cultures, and even languages they want raw, unplanned experiences away from the modern day and age amenities. 

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