Trail Through The Filming Locations Of 'Notting Hill' In London

Follow in the footsteps of Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts across the colourful markets, theatres, and beautiful gardens of Notting Hill in London
The vibrant streets of Hugh Grant's neighbourhood offer a lot of sights and spots to explore
The vibrant streets of Hugh Grant's neighbourhood offer a lot of sights and spots to explore

The blue door and the scenic bench dedicated to June, the colourful market that you walk through with William Thacker, and the quirky little travel bookstore that Anna stumbles upon if you have watched Notting Hill, you would have a specific scene in mind while reading this. The vibrant streets of Hugh Grant's neighbourhood offer a lot of sights and spots to explore, especially for fans of the film. Experience the magic of Notting Hill as you traverse these iconic film locations, capturing the essence of romance and adventure that captivated audiences worldwide.

Portobello Road market

The film opens with Hugh Grant's character William Thacker strolling through the charming streets of Notting Hill as he wanders through the iconic Portobello Road Market. The pretty market is not only a famous attraction because of the movie, but also because of its vibrant atmosphere and unique antiques waiting to be discovered. The shops are full of unique displays, and the people are lively, making it worth a visit on your list.

William's bookstore

This little hidden gem of Notting Hill is now one of the most recognisable spots in the area. You can visit the quaint bookstore located at 142 Portobello Road. While it has undergone transformations over the years, from starting as an antique store to becoming a shoe store, this spot holds a special place in the film. Nearby, you can also find another bookshop, complete with a blue plaque, that pays homage to the beloved Notting Hill movie. The inspiration for the film came from a bookshop actually called "The Travel Bookshop," located at 13-15 Blenheim Close.

The Print Room

As you walk in the opposite direction of the Notting Hill Gate tube station, you will face the iconic The Print Room, formerly known as the Coronet Cinema, located at 103 Notting Hill Gate. This historic venue served as the backdrop for William's memorable encounter with Anna Scott, portrayed by Julia Roberts. The theatre is where William watches Anna's science fiction movie. The cinematic history of the theatre includes the fact that it was where King Edward VII saw a performance and Sir John Gielgud watched his first Shakespeare play. It used to be a local cinema for years before being turned back into a theatre in 2010. Experience the rich heritage of this place, which has witnessed iconic performances throughout the years.

Bella and Max's place

Make your way to 91 Lansdowne Road, the home of William's friend Bella, played by Gina Mckee in the film. Walk towards Holland Park tube station from the Print Room and take a right from there that will lead you to the pretty home of William's friends, Bella and Max. In the scene, Anna surprises the crowd by making an appearance and joining the party. The scene with Will's sister's birthday party takes place at this location, and while you can't go inside the building, you can always click a fun picture in front of the gate. Marvel at the picturesque streets of Notting Hill as you follow the footsteps of the characters.

Rosmead Gardens

After you leave the venue for Honey's party, follow in Will and Anna's footsteps and walk up to the Rosmead Gardens. Take in the gorgeous views of the gardens but be advised that these community gardens are private properties, and trespassing is strictly forbidden. Indulge in the beauty of Rosmead Gardens, where Anna and William shared a drunken escapade. Admire the enchanting views of this private communal garden from the road, respecting its residents' privacy. As part of the Ladbroke Estate, these gardens offer a glimpse into the exclusive world of Notting Hill. Just like they show in the movie, you need to have a key to access the gardens as the local residents maintain it they are the only ones who can enter the gardens.

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