Did You Know About The Moonbow At Unchalli Waterfall In Karnataka

As the moon shines bright in the sky, a rare phenomenon hangs over these gushing cascade in Karnataka
Unchalli Falls, Karnataka. Photo Credits Wikimedia Commons
Unchalli Falls, Karnataka. Photo Credits Wikimedia Commons

Moonbows are considered to be an extremely rare phenomenon. However, this phenomenon has been spotted over the Unchalli Waterfall in Karnataka. The Unchalli Waterfall, formed by the Aghanashini River, led to this nocturnal wonder. This moonbow is believed to be Asia's first-ever moonbow. It was first photographed by photographer and documentary filmmaker Sriharsha Ganjam.

What Are Moonbows

Moonbows, or lunar rainbows, are natural when moonlight refracts and reflects off water droplets in the air, creating a beautiful rainbow at night. Unlike their daytime counterparts, moonbows are much fainter and often appear white or colourless to the naked eye. However, long-exposure photography or specialized filters can reveal their subtle hues.

Moonbows typically occur near waterfalls, misty canyons, or other locations with abundant moisture in the air. The moon's brightness, the presence of rain or mist, and the angle of moonlight all contribute to the formation of moonbows. Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe and Zambia, Yosemite National Park in California, USA, and Cumberland Falls in Kentucky, USA, are famous international destinations to spot a moonbow.

The Unchalli Waterfall, Karnataka

Unchalli Falls, known by its alternate name Lushington Falls (first encountered by J. D. Lushington in 1845), stands as a beloved waterfall nestled within the enchanting Uttara Kannada district's Sirsi Taluk. Here, the mighty River Aghanashini cascades down a height of 116 meters. The falls, at their most captivating, are best experienced after the monsoon season has passed.

How To Reach

Situated 440 kilometres away from Bengaluru and 260 kilometres away from Mangaluru, this natural wonder is also in proximity to Heggarane, a charming village just 5 kilometres away, and Sirsi, a bustling town located 35 kilometres away. For those arriving by air, Hubballi Airport serves as the nearest aviation hub, situated at a distance of 140 kilometres. As you approach the falls, you'll find a motorable road leading up to a point merely one kilometre from the cascades. From there, the final stretch is covered on foot. Should you prefer to travel by train, Talaguppa near Sagara and Kumta are the nearest railway stations, situated approximately 60 kilometres from the falls. Regular bus services are available from major towns in Karnataka, with Sirsi being a convenient hub from which to embark on a taxi journey to Unchalli Falls.

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