Five Indian Cookbooks To Inspire Your Next Kitchen Experiment

If you want to get started on the journey of trying out India's diverse food map, these cookbooks will take you through the many regions and even inspire you to try your hand at making traditional recipes in your very own kitchen
Relish the flavours of India. Photo Credits
Relish the flavours of India. Photo Credits

The best part about a country as diverse as ours is that there are different cuisines to satisfy every craving. Even though travelling is a great way to explore them, it may not always be possible to do so. However, that shouldn't keep you from experimenting and getting to know a region better via its culinary culture. If you want to get started on the journey of trying out India's diverse food map, these cookbooks will take you through the many regions and even inspire you to try your hand at making some specific traditional recipes in your very own kitchen. 

The Suriani Kitchen by Lathika George 

The Suriani Kitchen is a delightful cookbook filled with 150 mouth-watering recipes and captivating stories. From traditional fish curry to coconut-infused lentils and tamarind-spiced shallots, these authentic dishes are easy to prepare. Indulge in steamed rice cakes, lace-rimmed pancakes, and heavenly coconut pudding. The book also includes a guide to spices and equipment, along with charming illustrations. Immerse yourself in tales of talking doves, traveling chefs, and unique culinary experiences. With beautiful pictures and lyrical memories, The Suriani Kitchen is a delicious and memorable read.

A Taste Of My Life A Memoir In Essays And Recipes by Chitrita Banerji 

Chitrita Banerji, a celebrated culinary historian, takes readers on a captivating journey through her memoir. From her food-filled upbringing in Calcutta to her experiences during the India-Pakistan war and her writing career in the US, food has played a defining role in her life. Through heartwarming family meals and meaningful encounters, she shares cherished dishes like duck bhuna and her father's favourite tea. With her enchanting prose, Banerji's memoir is a delightful exploration of love, adventure, and the power of food. The best part She also shares beloved heirloom recipes perfected over generations. 

Ambrosia From The Assamese Kitchen by Jyoti Das 

Ambrosia showcases a delightful assortment of dishes that embody Assam's vibrant culture. Reflecting the simplicity of its people, Assamese cuisine is known for its mild and uncomplicated flavours, free from excessive spices. However, the absence of heat is compensated by using regional aromatic herbs, lending a distinct and savoury character to the dishes. Within this book, you'll discover over a hundred recipes that hail from this land of humble yet rich cultural heritage. Whether you're a novice or a seasoned cook, these mouth-watering delicacies are easy to prepare, wholesome, and irresistibly delicious. 

Wazwaan Traditional Kashmiri Cuisine By Waza Sharief, Shafi And Rafiq With Rocky Mohan

Indian cuisine has always evoked a sense of allure with its aromatic spices, diverse flavours, and unique cooking methods like dum, Baghdad, and dhungar. These culinary delights are typically reserved for exclusive restaurants and skilled chefs. However, The art of Indian cuisine revolutionizes the status quo. After years of perfecting his tantalizing recipes, Rocky Mohan brings the essence of this haute cuisine within the grasp of every modern kitchen. With clear and straightforward instructions, he empowers home cooks to explore various cooking styles, create homemade masalas, and master flavouring and smoking techniques. 

The Best Of Samaithu Paar by S. Meenakshi Ammal 

Samaithu Paar, Volume 1, was published in 1951 as more than just a cookbook&mdashit became a practical manual for daily cooking. Over the years, it has helped people worldwide who didn't learn traditional cooking from their mothers to set up homes and manage kitchens. The Best of Samaithu Paar now presents a collection of a hundred beloved recipes from the original three volumes. These recipes have been revised for modern kitchens, using standard measurements and utensils. From idli and dosa to special dishes like Moar Kuzhambu and Murukku, this book offers a range of flavorful recipes, including pachadis and pickles. Discover the essence of Indian cuisine in this simplified and cherished culinary treasure.

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