A Foodie's Guide To Kumaon

Whether you want to indulge in the flavours of Bhat ki Daal, Kafuli, Bal Mithai, or Singora, this region has something to satisfy every foodie's cravings
Kumaon region is renowned for its picturesque settings. Photo Credit Shutterstock
Kumaon region is renowned for its picturesque settings. Photo Credit Shutterstock

Kumaon is renowned for its picturesque settings with majestic hills, dense oak and pine wood forests, and ancient temples, making it a paradise on Earth. But what adds to the charm of this rustic setting is the delectable Kumaoni cuisine. From the healthy Bhat ki Daal and Kafuli to the sinfully delicious Bal Mithai and Singora, Kumaon is a foodie's haven. Here are the ten must-try dishes while in Kumaon.

Kumaoni cuisine has a way of making anything taste delicious. Kafuli is a mix of green leafy vegetables like spinach and fenugreek leaves with a fine sprinkling of local spices and rice powder. This healthy and tasty vegetable is one of the favourites amongst locals and is popularly known as the State Food of Uttarakhand.

Bhang Ki Chutney
Another must-have while in Kumaon is the Bhang ki Chutney. This tangy accompaniment has a small helping of hemp seeds, green chillies, ginger, and garlic. Served with a traditional Kumaoni thali, this interesting side dish will cast an enjoyable spell on your taste buds.

Kandalee Ka Saag
Another of the delightfully yummy greens is the Kandalee Ka Saag. The primary ingredients are the locally grown ''Bichchu ka ghas'' and onions with a fine blend of piquant aromatic spices. It tastes best with local bread.

Kumaoni food is highly nutritious and rich in fibre and proteins. Chainsoo is one such preparation, cooked with roasted black gram dal and peppered with different herbs and spices. The locals enjoy having this tasty dal with steamed rice.

Bhat Ki Dal
Bhat ki Dal is another speciality of the region. Prepared with organic black soybeans in spicy tomato gravy, it is a staple in most Kumaoni households. This traditional dal is usually had with the local Mandua ki roti, a healthy bread made with ragi flour and some grated vegetables.

Aloo Ke Gutke
Aloo ke Gutke is the fast food of Kumaon. This regional culinary gem is a simple everyday potato fry tempered with coriander leaves, fried red chillies, and other local spices. Most tea stalls in Kumaon will have this delicious snack being served hot and crispy.

Kumaoni Dal Vada
Kumaoni Dal Vada is another on-the-go food. A mix of different lentils with spices and herbs and golden fried to perfection, it tastes heavenly with a cup of piping hot tea.

Jhangore ki Kheer
To satisfy that sweet tooth, dig into Jhangore ki Kheer. Prepared with the goodness of raisins, Jhangora (barnyard millet), milk, and kewra, it is simply divine This local delicacy finds a special place in every traditional Kumaoni thali.

Bal Mithai

Bal Mithai is another famous sweet in these hills. This local chocolate fudge made out of khoya and topped with sugar balls is as renowned in these parts as Theobroma brownies in the city.

Complete your craving for sweets with Singora. It is a rich source of protein and fibre, made with khoya and coconut and wrapped in a cone of maalu leaves (unique to Kumaon). Loaded with nutritious ingredients, you can have this heavenly sweet without worrying about calories.

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