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The Sattal lake
The Sattal lake

Camping In Sattal

A holiday in Sattal, a group of seven lakes set against a backdrop of oak trees, is perfect for some gentle roughing-it-out. To make the most out of your Sattal experience, leave the boat rides on the lakes to day-trippers and be a bit more adventurous. Carry your own tents, sleeping bags and walking shoes, and set up camp by the lakes. Or you could stay at one of the organised campsites, which are great if you are travelling with kids.

What You Can Do

Sattal is a trekker&rsquos paradise with both explored and unexplored paths in thick forest cover. Mountain climbing, rappelling, river crossing, rambling, fishing and mountain biking are some of your other adventure options here. And don't forget the campfires and barbecues in the natural outdoors to add to the fun.

What makes Sattal the perfect choice for camping is its equable weather throughout the year. Located at around 4,000 ft, it offers excellent nature trails. If it&rsquos your first attempt at trying adventure sports, Sattal will make it all possible. Rock-climb up &lsquoSuicide Rock&rsquo, then rappel down the vertical face, cross lakes and gorges on ropes, all under the watchful eyes of an instructor. You&rsquoll meet plenty of boatmen who would be happy to take you around the lake at a reasonable price. Angling permits can be had from the Forest Department in Sattal. Check with the camp you are staying at and they will arrange the permit. Camps also provide fishing rods and bait so you are saved the hassle of carrying your equipment all the way.

Nature Walks In&nbspKarjat-Matheran 

Matheran literally means a forest on top of the hill. Its dense forest cover, teeming birdlife, long walks and flora and fauna make this an all-time favourite for walks. It&rsquos pollution-free as no vehicles are allowed in. With more than 8-10 different routes, Matheran is the ultimate destination for the trekker, naturalist and outdoor enthusiast.

What You Can Do

Go on long walks. Here's our suggested walking route.&nbspStart from Karjat and follow the road to Karjat-Chowk for 3 km until you come across a signboard indicating a right turn, northwards for Vaverle village. Walk another 2 km along a tarred road from Vaverle to Bhorgaon village (due north-east), which is at the base of Matheran. If you&rsquod rather not walk along a tarred road, you could hire an autorickshaw to Bhorgaon. If you decide to take a cross-country route, remember that you will have to cross a wide stream to get to Bhorgaon. It may be difficult in the monsoon. Just before you enter Bhorgaon village, a well-used footpath turns left (due west) and heads up a very gentle spur. It runs across some fields before turning northwest and climbing another spur, at the top of which you will come to Ambewadi village. This is the last point where you will get water, so fill up your bottles as you pass the two village wells just beyond the village.

From Ambewadi, the trail is joined by another well-used path coming up from Varosa village, on the other side of the spur. This is the final 3 km ascent to the top, climbing up a steep spur (due north) to a flat area. Big Chowk Point is clearly visible and looks like an elephant&rsquos head. The track now heads into a stretch of thick forest, which is a welcome respite from the sun.

On The Railway Tracks In Sakleshpur

Nestled in the Western Ghats, this is a perfect escape from the city grind. Witness waterfalls, mountain tunnels and bridges along the way. Situated about 130 kilometres from Mangaluru and 225 kilometres from Bengaluru, Sakleshpur is home to the famous railway track trek.

What You Can Do

Walk along the 56-kilometre stretch which has over 100 bridges, 25 waterfalls, and several tunnels, and promises  trekkers a mesmerising experience. The trek is also lined with dense flora and fauna. Travellers should also halt at the Bisle Reserve Forest, Mallalli Waterfalls, and Jenukal Gudda&mdashthe secondhighest mountain peak in Karnataka.

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