5 Places To Visit For An Amazing Holi Experience

Get drenched in the colours of the festival and have a magical time at these places around the country
Barsana is famous for its Holi celebrations. Credit Shutterstock
Barsana is famous for its Holi celebrations. Credit Shutterstock


The famous lathmar Holi of Barsana is the most sought-after tradition that sees a large crowd of people coming to see it first-hand from all across the country and even abroad. Radha is claimed to have come from Barsana, an hour's drive from Mathura, where she and the other gopis are said to have playfully fought off Krishna and his pals when they came from Nandgaon to play Holi. In a game today, the men must defend themselves from the fun lathis or stick beatings of ladies.


The entire city of Mathura is bathed with colour and music as the Holi festivities begin in the month of February and March. The Dwarkadhish Temple offers the most sought-after experience right now, particularly in the morning. The celebrations in Mathura typically begin in the late afternoon with a procession that begins at Vishram Ghat, concludes at Holi Gate, and includes children dressed as Krishna and Radha.


In Agra, the celebrations at the Taj Mahal are the most vibrant ones, with people out on the streets dancing watched in splashes of different colours. Glass after glass of bhang is downed with delight while colours are thrown in every direction. There are parades doused in colour accompanied by folk songs, all in the spirit of the irreverent festival of colours.


Basant Utsav, or spring festival, is the one that is celebrated in Shantiniketan for Holi. Introduced by Rabindranath Tagore, the entire university of Shantiniketan comes together for this festive period, with yellow being the colour of most prominence. Yellow is also the colour associated with spring, and hence, the colour fights that ensue use that colour primarily, with people wearing yellow outfits and indulging in the cultural programmes organised by the students.


The Holi of the royals. In Udaipur, the former royal family had a major involvement in the festivities, with the ceremonial bonfire, known as Mewar Holika Dahan, taking place at the City Palace. The festival is still celebrated with equal vigour today with many folk dances and a royal procession of elephants, horses and camels to charm the visitors.

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