Not Just Beaches 5 Places By The Sea With A Dose Of History

A beach holiday does not just mean sun and surf many beach towns have remnants of history attached
Mamallapuram is a UNESCO heritage site
Mamallapuram is a UNESCO heritage site


A comfortable drive from Gujarat, Diu is a gem that still remains largely unexplored. If your idea of a holiday involves low-key Goa vibes, then Diu is your destination. With ancient forts, gorgeous cathedrals, the Arabian Sea, and lots of quiet beaches, this former Portugese colony is the perfect vacation if you are looking for sun and solitude. 


Konark is a short drive away from Puri, Odisha&rsquos capital. It is known for ancient temples,  especially the Sun Temple which is a UNESCO world heritage site. The place comes alive during the annual 5-day Konark Dance Festival held in the backdrop the spectacular temple.  


Lying around 60km to the south of Chennai, Mahabalipuram is a long popular tourist town whose global attraction increased after UNESCO tagged the ancient group of monuments found here as a World Heritage Site in 1984. It is said that in the 7th&nbspand 8th&nbspcenturies,&nbspMahabalipuram (or&nbspMamallapuram) was a flourishing port city ruled by the Pallava dynasty. Patrons of art and architecture, they encouraged the construction of finely carved rock-cut temples and other architectural monuments. 


This beach is steeped in history, reverence, and charm. It holds spiritual value for folks from different parts of the country. The story of this beach is mentioned in the epic tale of Ramayana&ndash it is said that this is where Lord Agni bathed and prayed to Lord Shiva after helping Sita prove her purity to Lord Rama by sitting within a ring of fire. The beach has earned its name and recognition amongst disciples as holy from this lore. Although many visit this beach for its sanctity, you can also find people coming here to experience the serenity it offers.


In love with French culture Well, a trip to the lively location of Pondicherry is your go to place. Preserving the remnants of French heritage, Pondicherry is an inch-perfect amalgamation of India and France. It's museums and french-styled colonies are a delight to the eye. The Rock Beach, the Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Ousteri Lake are some of the breathtaking destinations that this tranquil town has to offer. Auroville, a township in Pondicherry named after Sir Aurobindo, is a treasured location for those wanting to learn about India and its deeply ingrained connection with spirituality. 

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