5 Mysterious Places From Around The World

Here's one for your travel bucket list. These places redefine mystery, and are enigmas that people are still trying to solve
Rakotzbrucke, or Devil's Bridge, in Saxony, Germany
Rakotzbrucke, or Devil's Bridge, in Saxony, Germany

The Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle is an area in the western North Atlantic Ocean where several ships and airplanes are alleged to have vanished under unexplained circumstances. Since the early 1960s, mysterious disappearances in the area have captured people's attention. The vanishing of an entire squadron of American military aircraft is one of the most well-known puzzling instances from here. There have been reports of situations where crew members have abandoned completely functional ships. Reports say that around 100 ships and airplanes have gone missing in the Bermuda Triangle in the past century. Weird fluctuations of compasses, tunnel entry, unusual cloud positioning, instantaneous space travel, and strange luminescence are a few examples of strange phenomena that have been the subject of numerous eyewitness testimonies.

Rakotzbr&uumlcke, Germany

The Rakotzbr&uumlcke, a finely arched bridge in Kromlauer Park in Kromlau, Germany, was constructed to form a circle when reflected in the waterways below it. It is referred to as a "devil's bridge" like many other similarly precarious spans around Europe. The name refers to the impossibility of such a bridge lasting, or existing in the first place. The idea is that only the devil could have constructed it. The Rakotzbr&uumlcke has thin rock spires on either end that are intended to resemble the basalt columns found naturally throughout Germany.  

Hoia Forest, Romania

The Hoia Woodland is a forest found to the west of Cluj-Napoca, a hotbed for paranormal activity. Its prominence as a tourist destination is attributed to numerous ghost stories and urban legends that have spread as folklore. Around the 1960s, scientist Alexandru Sift took pictures of flying objects over the forest, which increased public awareness of the area. Following this incident, a series of other strange occurrences took place, including the disappearance of a shepherd and his flock of sheep, and the vanishing of a young girl at the age of five, who later reappeared at the exact location five years later, and in the same state. There have also been numerous accounts of those who entered the forest only to leave with burns, rashes, headaches, and high fever. According to research, the subsoil contains naturally occurring uranium, which produces higher-than-average radiation.  

Area 51, USA 

The United States Air Force's (USAF) highly classified Area 51 facility lies on the Nevada Test and Training Range. The space is not open to the public and is under constant monitoring. Numerous witnesses claim that they have seen unexplained flying objects in or close to Area 51. The location is also known as a top-secret location for extraterrestrial research. Robert Lazar, an ex-employee, claims to have seen autopsy images of aliens inside the facility. 


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