Solitude Seekers Alert Five Off-Beaten Paths In Switzerland

Geneva, Zurich, or Bern you might be familiar with these places in Switzerland. However, do you know about the country's off-beaten paths
A small mountain community, Wengen, is located above Lauterbrunnen. Credit Wikimedia Commons
A small mountain community, Wengen, is located above Lauterbrunnen. Credit Wikimedia Commons

A small mountain community, Wengen, is located above Lauterbrunnen at 1274 metres. The fact that it is a car-free zone and you cannot bring your vehicle is its most beautiful feature. Only the cogwheel train and a trekking track lead to Wengen.

Things To Do

  • The 25-minute train ride and the hiking trek from Lauterbrunnen to Wengen are both spectacular.
  • In the summer, you can spend a sunny day in a valley surrounded by gorgeous mountains like the Eiger and Monch.
  • Wengen's extensive network of hiking trails makes it a wintertime skier's heaven.

At the height of 1300 m, Stoos is another small town in Switzerland that lies a little off the usual road. You can travel there without a car by taking the Stoosbahn funicular rail from Zurich.

Things To Do

  • Here, you can take part in one of Switzerland's top hikes. It is one of the country's most stunning locations because of the lush grass in the summer and the breathtaking mountain scenery.
  • You can also ride the chairlift, which has an excellent vantage point from Lake Lucerne.


You can see the famous Matterhorn hill at its best from the small town of Zermatt, known for being one of Switzerland's top ski resorts. Some of the country's most breathtaking treks may be found here. To get to Zermatt, you must park your car at Tasch and take the Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn from there.

Things To Do

  • Enjoy skiing on Matterhorn's well-liked slopes.
  • Explore the lakes and hiking paths in the Alpine region.
  • You can enjoy the Matterhorn Glacier Paradise cable car journey.

La Gruyere
The only sounds you will hear in this location,&nbsp50 km from Lucerne and 120 km from Geneva, are the singing of birds and the ringing of cowbells. 

Things To Do

  • Wander the village on foot to experience the authentic Swiss countryside.
  • One of the top chocolate manufacturers in Switzerland is the Cailler-Nestle Chocolate Factory in the municipality of Broc. You will get the opportunity to observe several methods of chocolate production here.
  • If you are a fan of Swiss cheese, go to Gruyeres. One of the best Swiss cheeses in the world is produced there.

Aletsch Glacier
With a length of 23 km, this glacier is the largest in the Alps and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Take a rail or bus from Brig to Aletsch hamlet, from where you may get to the viewpoint in about an hour.

Things To Do

  • From Eggishorn, ascend a thrilling mountain trail to Lake Marjela, which provides a stunning glimpse of the Aletsch Glacier.
  • Enjoy the view from Moosfluh before taking a stroll in the Aletsch Forest.
  • Learn more about the creation and past of the Aletsch Glacier by visiting the World Nature Forum.

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