Night Treks In India Promise Unlimited Adventure And Excitement

The blanket of stars, the whispering of trees, sounds of nature lend a magical feel to night treks. Though challenging, the nocturnal adventures are becoming increasingly popular. Check out these exciting trails
Night treks promise exciting adventures and beautiful views
Night treks promise exciting adventures and beautiful views

What is there not to love about treks? You get to see the most breathtaking views while also getting a rush of adrenaline. But if you have been searching for something offbeat, we have a new adventure --- night treks.  

Imagine making your way through the forested paths under the embellished sky. Even though it may sound challenging, night treks have become increasingly popular, with many operators and agents curating travel packages around the activity. The night sky, the quiet ambience and the challenge to keep walking will make the trek memorable. If you want to set out on such an adventure yourself, you must check out these trails.

Athargange Trek, Karnataka

Anthargange, 65 kilometres from Bangalore, is set amidst giant stones
Anthargange, 65 kilometres from Bangalore, is set amidst giant stonessolarisgirl/ Wikimedia Commons

One of the wildest trekking trails is Anthargange, which mixes the excitement of a night hike with cave exploration. Anthargange, 65 kilometres from Bangalore, is set amidst giant stones. The journey begins at midnight and involves navigating confusing trails and big rocks to reach a cave. This three-kilometre hike starts simple, but becomes more complex and enjoyable. Trekking is another option to reach the top, which rises to a height of 1,226 metres and affords breathtaking panoramas of the neighbouring peaks. 

Dhotre-Tonglu Trek, West Bengal

The Dhotrey-Tonglu path is ideal if you're searching for a walk that passes through luscious green forests with beautiful flowers and wild animals and has snow-capped mountains in the background. Dhotrey is a tiny village with a population so small that you can count them on your fingers.

Located near Darjeeling, Dhotrey is near Singalila National Park in West Bengal. Maneybhanjyang, at the height of 2,134 metres, is traversed throughout the journey. You will pass through beautiful meadows of bamboo, rhododendron, pine, birch, and fir trees. This trek is best experienced during spring (March, April, and May) when the weather is most favourable.

Rajmachi Fort Trek, Maharashtra

Rajmachi Fort is located in the serene Sahyadri range
Rajmachi Fort is located in the serene Sahyadri rangeRohit Nair/ Wikimedia Commons

Mumbai residents looking to for a quick getaway can go to Rajmachi Fort in Maharashtra, which is near the Mumbai-Pune Expressway. Rajmachi Fort is popular among those who enjoy deep valleys, camping, hikes, waterfalls, and all things natural. It is located in the serene Sahyadri range. Before the monsoon, the forest around the fort glows with fireflies at night. The view is stunning and the experience unforgetable.

The experience is lovely, and it is even better during monsoon. But, watch out for slippery muddy roads on the route. This effectively prevents you from driving your car. Be prepared to walk a considerable distance.

Kabbal Durga Trek, Karnataka

Around 80 kilometres from Bengaluru, Kabbal Durga is a village in Karnataka well-known for its temple honouring the goddess Kabbalamma and a demolished fort. This path is not suitable for those with weak hearts. The course is rocky and uneven and is lined with boulders. You must be in good shape and physically capable of navigating the rugged terrain. The journey takes one and a half hours. Once you get to the top, set up a tent and enjoy a special night under a starry sky.

Ranganathaswamy Betta Trek, Karnataka

Amateurs and experts can enjoy the Ranganathaswamy Betta hike as the path is flat and just moderately challenging to walk on. Nature lovers and pilgrims alike hike this route as a Hindu shrine is located at the peak, under a massive granite boulder. Look out for the area's stunning wildlife, including the Asian elephants. This trip, 80 kilometres from Bangalore, is a welcome diversion from the bustle of the metropolis.

The initial walk is easy but gets difficult as the forest gets dense with some steep climbs. Reaching the summit is worth the hike. The sight of the beautiful hills and the rising sun is stunning.

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