Five Of The Best Places In The World For Chocolate Lovers

Prepared with cacao beans, chocolate has been there for centuries and has been adored by all
Sweet tastings in the museum of Maison Cailler chocolate factory. Credit Yuri Turkov/
Sweet tastings in the museum of Maison Cailler chocolate factory. Credit Yuri Turkov/

Are you someone who was left drooling and dreaming while watching "Charlie And The Chocolate Factory" If yes, then you are in for a treat. Many actual places around the world are absolute havens for chocolate lovers. If reading this too has left you drooling, here are five of the best places in the world for chocolate lovers.

Maison Cailler Broc, Switzerland
Visit the location of one of the oldest chocolate manufacturers in Switzerland, Cailler, which has operated a facility in the Swiss hamlet of Broc since 1898. Visit the factory to see how the renowned chocolate is made, and then indulge your senses with a taste there.

Pro tip Visits need up to an hour and a half. There are hiking trails and walking pathways close by. Take a hike or a stroll along the lakeside route.

Magnolia Bakery New York City
Characters from the television show "Sex and the City" went by this quaint little 1950s-style bakery for a cupcake. The bakery also sells banana pudding, biscuits, cherry cheesecake, brownies, and a rainbow of vibrantly coloured cupcakes in addition to red velvet chocolate. A highlight is the German chocolate cake.

Pro Tip There are four Magnolia locations, including the Bleecker Street one featured in "Sex and the City."

Sachertorte Vienna, Austria
The Sachertorte, a chocolate sponge cake that is thinly hand-coated with apricot jam and then iced in dark chocolate, was created by Franz Sacher in 1832. His son Eduard founded the Hotel Sacher in Vienna in 1876. Stop by the lovely café or one of the four Sacher stores in Vienna.

Pro Tip Serve your Sachertorte with coffee or champagne and top it with unsweetened whipped cream.

Hot Chocolate Turin, Italy

Drink a cioccolato caldo (Italian hot chocolate) at the home of chocolate in Italy. This winter warmer is served topped with copious amounts of whipped cream and is extremely thick, hot, and bitter. Try the exclusive turin bicerin, a layered hot chocolate and espresso beverage served in glass glasses, or giandujotto, a foil-wrapped chocolate and hazelnut treat.

Pro Tip Visit in February to participate in the Cioccola-T event, which celebrates chocolate. Purchase a Choco-Pass at the visitor centre to receive discounts on sweets across the city.

Valrhona Chocolate Tain l&rsquoHermitage, France
Visit the Valrhona chocolate factory in France, a favourite of many of the top chefs and chocolatiers in the world. Interestingly, no vegetable oil is added to this chocolate. Instead, the natural fat from cocoa butter is used in its production. Chocolate lovers will enjoy trying or purchasing at the factory store. Experienced chefs can enrol in classes at Valrhona's &Eacutecole du Grand Chocolat, a school that teaches chocolate cooking.

Pro tip Sundays are the only days the factory shop is closed. You can also cross the Rh&ocircne river and explore the historic city of Tournon.

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