5 Memorable Experiences In Kolkata When You Are Travelling With Family

From cafes in tram depots to polo sessions at a Raj era club, here are some unforgettable experiences to have in Kolkata
5 Memorable Experiences In Kolkata When You Are Travelling With Family
5 Memorable Experiences In Kolkata When You Are Travelling With Family

There's a lot the city has to offer, but if you are visiting Kolkata with family, here's a list of experiences that will make for the best memories.    

Enjoy The River

Paris a river running throught it, as does London, Amsterdam, Bangkok... and Kolkata. A trip to the city would be incomplete without a boat ride on the Hooghly. Choose a nouko (the small traditional oar-driven boats), or a ferry ride. The best time to traverse the river would be just when the sun is about to set and the twin bridges over Hooghly get lit up. You can also hang out by one of the several ancient ghats along the river. We recommend watching the sunset over the river at Prinsep Ghat. 

Book A Polo Session At A 157-Year-Old Club 

You don't have to be a member (or know one) to walk in. The Calcutta Polo Club, established in 1861-62, offers riding classes and polo sessions to guests. And all that in the midst of vast manicured lawns with the magnificent Victoria Memorial in the background. Book a day trip and you can avail of stable tours, rides and polo practice. Do visit the polo shop and their history gallery.

Take A Tram Ride 

One of the oldest transport systems in Asia - they have been operating since 1902 - the trams of Kolkata should be on your must-do list. One of the most picturesque routes is the one that goes to Kidderpore via the green Maidan and Victoria Memorial. You can also head to the Ballygunge Tram Depot and have some excellent coffee and snacks at the new cafe here. 

Explore India's Only Chinatown

Take a walk down the streets of Terreti Bazaar, India&rsquos oldest Chinatown. Check out the&nbspChinese clubs and temples such as Gee Hing and Toong On. The latter was built in 1924 and had housed the famous Nanking restaurant where celebrities like Dilip Kumar, Meena Kumari and Shammi Kapoor used to hang out. The Sea Ip Church's antique wooden staircase is from China. Pick up&nbspChinese spices, tea, noodles, dried mushrooms from Chinese provision stores.

Check Out The Mummy At Indian Museum

Anyone who grew up in the Calcutta of the 70s and 80s &ndash a time when it was possible not to go cross-eyed looking into cell phones all day &ndash has paid at least a few visits to the Indian Museum, the massive landmark on Chowringhee Road, close to Park Street. The rituals of visiting the Indian Museum include saying hello to the 4,000 year old mummy from Egypt staring in disbelief at the insane size of the Stegodon tusks looking at Buddha statues from 1st century BCE to 2nd-3rd CE and sculptures from various ages and various parts of India and countries close to India.

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