Thailand Plans To Reintroduce Tourist Fee From June 2023

Foreigners with work permits and border passes will be exempt from the fees
Thailand Plans To Reintroduce Tourist Fee From June 2023
Thailand Plans To Reintroduce Tourist Fee From June 2023

Planning to visit Thailand for some R&ampR this summer Here's something you should know.

Beginning June, the island nation plans to start charging international travellers a 300 baht ($9) entry charge. The money collected will be used to support tourists injured in accidents and improve tourist attractions. 

"Fees won't be collected from foreigners with work permits and border passes," said Tourism Minister Phiphat Ratchakitprakarn, adding that Thailand expects 25 million tourist arrivals this year.

Thailand has the second-largest economy in Southeast Asia, and tourism is a key industry, contributing around 12% of the country's GDP, prior to the pandemic.

Another recent development that travellers to Thailand should be aware of is the change in entry policy and Covid restrictions.

It looks like Thailand will reintroduce entry regulations for international travellers, as China reopens borders to tourists. International travellers will now need to provide documentation proving they have received all necessary COVID vaccinations before travelling to Thailand, according to the aviation authority of the country.

Furthermore, all international arrivals must demonstrate that they are immunised or present a letter confirming that they have recovered from COVID within six months, according to a statement from the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand (CAAT) that was released on January 7. Those not vaccinated will be required to show a medical certificate that explains why they have not yet received the vaccine.However, those travelling via Thailand on a transit visa or with a Thai passport will not be subject to the new entrance criteria.

Thailand had done away with the vaccine requirements last October.

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