A Visit to Windermere In England

Take a walk-through Windermere town, home to the largest lake in England
The Windermere Lake. Credit www.pixabay.com
The Windermere Lake. Credit www.pixabay.com

In the Lake District, on the edge of the waters of the expansive Lake Windermere, the largest lake in England, I stand and wonder if I am dreaming or awake. Before I leave this little niche of happiness, I inevitably reflect on the two days I have spent in this beautiful town.  

Out And About

The three-and-a-half-hour journey from London to Windermere by train had been more than pleasant. I recall reaching the town giddy with anticipation of the beauty I had heard so much about. Quickly, I checked myself into The Water Head Inn, which overlooks the famous Lake Windermere. After settling in, I headed out onto the cobbled lanes of the town. The old cottages looked whimsical, while the traditional cafes looked inviting. I honestly can&rsquot tell if it was just me or if the pub grub had looked extra enticing that day. My meal of bangers and mash, or sausage and mashed potatoes with onion sauce, is unforgettable. After a hearty lunch, I decided it was time to fall down the rabbit hole of the Beatrix Potter Attraction. This magical world offers experiences ranging from virtual reality to walks through woodland glades, where you can spot Mr. Tod and the pigs from the Tale of Pigling Bland.

Cruising Along

Later, during the evening, after a stroll by the lake, I took the Windermere Lake Cruise to the Ambleside. Those were the best 80 to 90 minutes of my life. While on the cruise, I looked at the picturesque view and imagined living in the green, painting-like vista before me. I was already excited about new experiences the next day.

Of Poets And Peace

The early morning walks on the trails at Windermere are magnificent Several versions of walks are available choose the one that suits you the most. The refreshing morning air prepared me for the rest of the day. The sunrise over the lake is indescribable, as the sky is filled with warm colours. Renewed with energy, I headed to the boating site, where the boats wait for anyone and everyone who wishes to go for a ride. The tranquil waters never cease to invoke a sense of calm.  

Post breakfast was a visit to the Dove Cottage, William Wordsworth&rsquos home. It is a must-visit when you are here. After the arrival of Wordsworth on the scene, English language poetry was never the same again. The tour of the home reveals tales about the legendary poet in a very visual manner. Here, his humble life and inspiration can be witnessed in detail. The simple museum coffeeshop at the Dove Cottage is open to all.

By The Castle And The Inn

After a visit to the Dove Cottage, it was the turn of the most majestic piece of architecture and history in Windermere, the Wray Castle. The history of this castle is unique, as its roles have been quite varied. It has been less of a home to its original owner. Instead, it has been a hostel, has had all types of offices, and even has, at one point in time, hosted the famous author, illustrator, and conservationist Helen Beatrix Potter. By the time the Wray Castle tour ended, I needed an energy boost, which led to a visit to yet another local joint, the Old John Peel Inn, which has some especially remarkable beer, and traditional fish and chips. Later, at the end of my day, I went for a walk to the lakeside and the Ambleside Pier and reflected on my short trip as I made plans to return to Windermere.

The Information

Best season to visit&nbspFor a quiet time, avoid the peak season, which runs from April until October, with July and August topping the visitors&rsquo numbers chart. Spring, around late February and March, is the best time to visit, as the landscape turns lush and the weather is pleasant.

How to get there

By railway Manchester to Windermere is 110 km and takes about one hour and 25&nbspminutes

By road London to Windermere is approximately 436 km, a five-hour journey. Alternatively, you can catch bus #599 from Oxenholem to Windermere in the Lake District. It takes about half an hour to cover a distance of 2.4 km.

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